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    The Characteristics of Thrust Ball Bearing

    In general,thrust ball bearings has the following characteristics: 1.Thrust ball bearing is separable bearing, the conact angle is 90 °, it can be installed separately , and can only endure axial load. 2.Thrust ball bearing has low limit speed. The steel ball and centrifugal force push the outside of the bearing race , it’s easy to scratch, and not suitable for high-speed operation. 3.The unilateral bearing and on...
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    Purposes of Roller Bearing Lubrication

    The main purposes of lubrication are to reduce friction and wear inside the bearings that may cause premature failure . The effects of lubrication may be briefly explained as follows : 1.Reduction of friction and wear Direc metallic contact between the bearing rings , rolling elements and cage,which are the basic components of a bearing , is prevented by an oil film which reduces the friction and wear in the contact areas ...
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    What is Thrust Ball Bearing?

    Thrust ball bearings are designed to bear thrust loads at high speeds. They are made of washers with raceway the thrust ball bearing is divided into two types: flat seat cushion type and self-aligning spherical cushion type. In addition, this kind of bearing can bear axial load, but can not bear radial load. So how much do you know about the performance characteristics and advantages of thrust ball bearings?Wuxi S...
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    The Brief Introduction of Angular Contact Ball Bearing

    Angular contact ball bearing, there is angular between bearing race and balls, the standard contact angle is 15°, 30°and 40°. The larger the contact Angle, the greater the axial load capacity. The smaller the contact Angle, the more conducive to high-speed rotation. Single row angular contact ball bearing can endure radial load and unidirectional axial load.DB, DF assembly and double row angular contact ball bearing ca...
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    How to choose the type of bearing

    Generally speaking, the steps of selecting bearings may be summarized as follows by Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd: 1. According to the bearing working conditions (including the type of load direction and load, speed, lubrication way and the orientation of coaxial degree requirements, Locate or not locate,installation and maintenance, environment temperature, etc.), choose the basic type, tolerance grade, and bearing clearanc...
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    Why do we need to seal spherical roller bearings?

    Seal is like the bearing skin. without seal, spherical roller bearings life will be greatly reduced. Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd will teach you some knowledge about sealed spherical roller bearings Sealing device has two main function: ① to prevent the outside dirt, such as metal particles, dust, dirt, moisture, sour gas and others; ② to prevent the lubricant inside the bearing overflow, in order to ensure good lubrication...
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    The Classification of Rolling Bearings

    1.Classify by bearing load direction 1) Radial bearing---mainly used to bear radial load, nominal contact angle range from 0 to 45. 2) Thrust bearing---mainly used to bear axial load, nominal contact angle range orer 45 to 90. 2.Classify by rolling element 1) Ball bearing--- the rolling element is ball. 2) Roller bearing--- the rolling element is roller. According to difference roller , it can be divided i...
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    Cylindrical roller bearing NU 10/600 N2MA

    By last month,our Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd exported cylindrical roller bearings WSBC NU 10/600 N2MA to Guatemala,customer has already received our bearings,and also give us a feedback,they informed our bearings are so good as well as the best price,they will make a list to purchase more roller bearings from our company as they have in faith with us,the above you could check the roller bearings pictures that we sent to our...
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    What is the difference of Ball Bearings and Roller Bearings ?

    Do you know the difference between Ball Bearings and Roller Bearings , today , WSBC bearing will bring to learn more about this content . Ball bearings have some features : high speed limit, impatience impact, not suitable for heavy loads .Widely used in transmission, instrumentation, motors, household appliances, internal combustion engines, transport vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, constructio...
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    Brief Knowledge about Spherical Roller Bearings

    Spherical roller bearings are widely used in reducer, railway vehicle axles, rolling mill gearbox bearing, rolling mill rollers, crusher, all kinds of industrial reducer, Hereby Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd introduce some brief knowledge, hope to help you learn more about Spherical roller bearings. Spherical roller bearings consist of an inner ring with two raceways inclined at an angle to the bearing axis, an outer ring with...
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    How To Extend The Service Life Of Roller Bearings

    How to use Sphercial Roller Bearing to extend working life , in order to bring you more production efficiency , as professional roller bearing manufacturer - Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd will teach some good solutions for you . Hope to bring you help . Checking the installation of roller bearings It will directly effect bearing precision , working life and performance whether accurately install roller bearings .Hence , you ...
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    The Basic Design of Tapered Roller Bearings

    Tapered roller bearings with some important and unique performance and advantages because of its geometric shape and design features , and ,so they can meet the requirements and be widely used .Tapered roller bearing is made up with four parts , they are cone, outer ring , taper roller and cage in the normal ruinning cirumstances , the inner and outer runway and roller bear the load , and cage separate the roller and keep st...
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    The Advantages of Tapered Roller Bearings

    In addtional to the collection of al advantages of other types of bearings, It also has following advantages : 1. With combined load capacity both radial and axial 2. For the same size , taper roller bearings has a relatively longer life 3. It has a relative small dimension for the same loa capacity 4. Performance of adjustment : whether axial clearance or pre-load increase ,all can reach the optimal performance accor...
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    What is Tapered Roller Bearings ?

    Tapered roller bearings are mainly used to bear radial load mianly radial and axial joint load , the general should not alone bear the load bearing .This kind of bearing does not allow a tilt axis relative shell hole , the size of the axial clearance , the relationship between type bearings can work great. Axial clearance is too small , the higher temperature;axial clearance is large , bearing easily damaged;require special ...
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    Bearings Failure Diagnosis

    Maintenance ,Inspection and Correcting Irregularities In order to maintance the original performance of a bearing for as long as possible, proper maintenance and inspection should be performer . If proper proper procedures are used , many bearing problems can be avoided and the reliability , productivity ,and operating costs of the shipment containing the bearings are all improved . It is suggested that periodic mainten...
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    Construction Machinery Bearings

    Heavy-duty construction machinery uses a range of highly specialized bearings like 23988 CCK/W33 ,23172 CCK/W33,24052 CC/W33,23244 CCK/W33,22209 EK,22222 EK ,22208 CAK/W33 , 230/560 CAK/W33 ,that operate in dusty, muddy, oversized environments and require high levels of load while maintaining low load capacity and require assembly Adjust the minimum time. WSBC has successfully developed a series of specialized products for t...
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    E type spherical roller bearings design

    E type spherical roller bearings is one optimal reinforced structure design . In the product design used two rows symmetrical rollers and guide rings between floating through the two columns roller, inner rings without ribs, two hardened red in the steel cage components . Its dynamic load rating is increased by an average of about 30% . Thus , under the same conditions rated life is at least 2.2 to 2.8 times as the same mode...
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    BS double seal series bearings Features

    BS series double seal spherical roller bearings in the homologous series bearings foundation , increased the high strength rubber seal in its both sides , thus has guaranteed bearing working safely in adverse circumstance , prevented lubricant leak out .Plays the dustproof , waterproof, and heavy load , bore high-pressured role , therefore , enhanced the service life greatly , is widely applied in the steel , the iron , the ...
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    WSBC Invested advanced equipments to R&D BS2 and E type spherical roller bearings

    In Febuary ,2010,To further support the demanding requirements of our customers ,we invested a lot in advanced CNC equipments and the complete set of precision inspection devices to produce BS2 sealed and E type spherical roller bearings . BS2 type bearing code such as BS2-2208-2CS,BS2-2210-2CSK,BS2-2311-2CS,BS2-2213-2CS,BS2-2215-2CS,BS2-2218-2CS,BS2-2224-2CSK, we can change BS2 type bearing seals and structure and Lubricant...
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    WSBC do Custom Products and Service

    By several years of experience in industries , WSBC proudly own the most productive R&D for roller bearings & ball bearings and technically excel in serving OEM and MRO customers in various industries . Such as WSBC roller bearings code 22208 CA/W33,22309 CAK/W33,22313 CA/W33,22219 CAK/W33,22218 CC/W33,22220 CCK/W33,24122 CC/W33,23024 CCK/W33 are widely used in fans & blowers, mining & aggregate,metal processing, paper & pul...
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    WSBC developed a series of products for Metal processing and Steel Mill

    Due to the high temperature and environmental pollution, metallurgy and steel production has become a difficult task. WSBC products are mainly used in continuous casting machine, before and after hot rolling and heating furnace roller conveyor.Considering the application characteristics that continuous casting machine for continuous operation under high temperature, heavy load and heavy pollution, WSBC has developed a series...
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    WSBC Elevator bearings Technical Features

    1.Low Noise and Low Vibration High precision and special fraction design contribute to low-noise motion. 2.Long-term Sealing Enhanced sealing structure and updated processing technology guarantee the long sealing performance. 3.Long-term Lubrication Special Lubrication system allows re-lubrication and features temperature resistance in a long term . 4. Long Service Life Bigger and more rollers increase load ratings by...
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    How to mounting Spherical roller bearings with a tapered bore

    Spherical roller bearings with a tapered bore are always mounted with an interference fit. To obtain the proper degree of interference, one of the following methods can be used: 1 measuring the clearance reduction 2 measuring the lock nut tightening angle 3 measuring the axial drive-up 4 measuring the inner ring expansion
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    WSBC developed a full range of Spherical roller bearings for gearboxes

    WSBC has developed a full range of Spherical roller bearingsfor gearboxesin various industries , like food & beverage , mining , waste management and metal processing . For example, 22318 CA/W33 , 22322 CA/W33, 22324 CAK/W33, 22308 CCK/W33,24048 CCK30/W33, 24064 CC/W33. By considering above working environment , WSBC has upgraded internal structure and improved processing precision to prolong the bearing service life , espec...


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