Brief Knowledge of Automobile Bearing

Time:2018.03.08  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd would like to teach you some knowledge about the applications of bearings in a car, hope to bring you some help.

A car usually has dozens different types of bearings installed at different rotational parts. According to the installation parts, the automotive bearings can be divided into engine bearings, transmission bearings, steering system bearings, air conditioner bearings and other bearings.

Taking the transmission bearings as an example, it is the foundation of the automobile transmission parts, which is called "the joint of the automobile industry". This kind bearing has two main functions: one is that the shock absorber can rotate with the wheel when the vehicle turns, keep the steering flexibility; two is the outer ring of the pressure bearing is made of rubber, can maintain the flexible connection between the vehicle and the shock absorber, prevent the vibration passes through the shock absorber to the body when driving on the uneven road.

Bearing has an important impact on the performance of the whole vehicle. In terms of reliability, once bearing damaged , it will affect the vehicle's driving. In terms of safety, the installation position of some bearings is very important. Once the failure occurs, it will affect the safety of the driving.

In terms of comfort, the bearing is related to the smooth operation of the vehicle, and the poor quality bearings are easy to make great noise.

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