Attentions in Using Large Bearings

Time:2018.02.26  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Generally the machine use large bearings has the following features:
1, its structure of machine is large.
2, speed is not fast, low speed with heavy load, because its most significant advantage is to be able to bear the greater load.
3, The general large bearing has the requirement to adapt to the bad environment. Because the bearing is large, it is not easy to destroy the bearings for small dust particles and impurities.
Machines meet the above conditions are: crane, excavator, shield machine, rolling mill, converter, wind turbine gearbox, wind power spindle, crusher, cement mill, cement roller press, large gear box, low speed shaft and so on.
How to heat large cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings
There are two methods for installing large bearings.
1. the inner diameter of the bearing is a cylindrical hole, which can be installed by heat, such as an electromagnetic induction heater or an oil bath. oil bath heating must pay attention to keep clean and the purity of oil.
2. the inner diameter of the bearing is a conical hole, which can use hydraulic installation method, with hydraulic pump, hydraulic nut and other tools.
What is the method of disassembling large cylindrical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings?
When the shaft and the bearing is damaged when disassembling the bearings , usually will cause loss of time and material. In addition, using the wrong tools and techniques to engage in disassembling operations may also make the operator dangerous, must pay attention to the use of the right methods and tools.
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