Axial clearance

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The maximum amount of movement of a ring to the radial or axial direction.The maximum activity along the radial direction is called the radial clearance, and the maximum activity along the axis is called the axial clearance.

Generally speaking, the larger the radial clearance, the greater the axial clearance, and vice versa.According to the state of the bearing, the clearance can be divided into the following three types:

The original clearance

The clearance in the free state before the bearing is installed.The original clearance is determined by manufacturer's processing and assembly.

Installation clearance

Also called coordination clearance, is the bearing and shaft and bearing pedestal installed and not working time of the clearance.Due to the overfilling installation, or enlarging the inner circle, or reducing the outer ring, or both, the installation clearance is smaller than the original clearance.

Work clearance

When the bearing is in the working state, the inner ring temperature rise is the biggest, the thermal expansion is the largest, and the bearing clearance is decreased.

Bearing clearance;At the same time, due to the effect of load, the elastic deformation of the rolling body and the raceway contact will increase the bearing clearance.Bearing work clearance is larger or smaller than the installation clearance, depending on the combination of these two factors.

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