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    What should I do if the bearing is hot?

    Guide language : High bearing temperature is a common and harmful fault of rotating equipment, which will cut down the service life of the bearing, increase maintenance costs. When the temperature rises quickly, the temperature exceeds the limit, and it will lead to an unplanned unit shutdown or load reduction operation, which has a significant impact on economic benefits. Therefore, to quickly determine the cause of th...
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    Characteristics of CC Type and CA Type Spherical Roller Bearings

    There are two rows of spherical rollers, and the outer ring has a standard spherical raceway, which has excellent self-aligning performance. The bearing can still be used frequently when the shaft is bent or installed with different concentricity. The bearing capacity of this type of bearing is large. Can withstand radial load The outer bearing can also bear axial weight in both directions, which has better impact re...
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    As a bearing of you, do you know all this knowledge?

    Generally, the bearing is composed of an inner ring, outer ring, rolling body, and retainer. For sealed bearings, add lubricant and sealing ring (or dust cap). That all the bearings are made. Choose different types of bearings according to the working conditions of bearings, to better play the function of bearings, and extend the service life of bearings. The following elements should be considered in the selection ...
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    Analysis of the high-end market and localization development trend of domestic and foreign bearing industry

    China's bearing industry has only forty years from scratch, and it started much later than advanced western countries. With the development of the domestic bearing manufacturing technology, its types and specifications have gradually been brought into line with international standards, and the production line is relatively comprehensive. However, due to the late start, China's bearing industry lags significantly...
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    Types of Turbocharger Bearings

    What is a turbocharger? Turbochargers, which are common in automobiles, are an air compressor that increases the amount of air intake by compressing air. It uses the inertia of the exhaust gas from the engine to propel the turbine in the turbine chamber. The turbine drives the coaxial impeller. The impeller pressurizes the air sent from the air filter pipe to pressurize it into the cylinder. When the engine speed increa...
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    Performance and Characteristics of Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings

    Spherical roller thrust bearings are the same as spherical roller bearings. Therefore, it has an automatic centering function and is not very sensitive to coaxiality and shaft flexure. Thrust spherical roller bearings are different from other thrust bearings in the catalog. This type of bearing has a very large axial load capacity. It can also bear several radial loads while bearing axial loads, but the radial load ...
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    The Types Of Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Double-row cylindrical roller bearings have two structures: cylindrical bore and conical bore (post bearing code plus K). Row cylindrical roller bearings have the advantages of compact structure, high rigidity, large bearing capacity, and small deformation after loading. The conical inner hole can play a role in adjusting the clearance in a short amount. It can simplify the structure of positioning device and facilitate...
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    Functions and Uses of Tapered Roller Bearings

    Tapered roller bearings mainly bear combined radial and axial loads. Bearing capacity depends on the raceway angle of the outer ring. This kind of bearing belongs to the separate type bearing , according to the number of columns of a rolling body in the bearing, it is divided into single row , double row and four rows of tapered roller bearing . The clearance of single-row tapered roller bearing shall be ...
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    The total GDP of the region spherical roller bearing industry cluster analysis

    By the end of 2022, the total regional output value of the spherical roller bearings industry cluster in Wuxi ranks among the top in the domestic industry. This region has fostered one enterprise whose annual sales are 2.5 billion yuan and 2 to 3 medium-sized enterprises. And it established public service for innovation in the bearing industry — platform to build more than 40 digital workshops and smart factories. ...
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    Installation and Common Problems of Bearing Pedestal

    Because a bearing can use different bearing housings, and a bearing housing can also use different types of bearings at the same time, there are many types of bearing housings. For various applications of standard bearing housings, bearing housings of different materials can be selected, such as special cast iron housings of gray cast iron, ductile iron, and cast steel, stainless steel, and plastic. According to the diffe...
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    Factors Affecting The Life of Angular Contact Ball Bearings

    The shaft parts of CNC machine tools, such as machine tool spindles, are generally assembled into thrust ball bearings and rotate at high speeds, which sometimes generate high heat. If this heat is not discharged promptly, it will cause angular contact ball bearings to overheat and cause the temperature of the corresponding parts of the CNC machine tool to rise, resulting in thermal expansion. When it is more serious, the sp...
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    What Factors Should Be Considered When Selecting Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Cylindrical roller bearings with spacers and raceways are linear contact bearings. Load capacity, mainly bear radial load. The friction between the rolling element and the collar of the ferrule is small, which is suitable for high-speed rotation. Depending on whether the ring has ribs, it can be divided into single-row cylindrical roller bearings such as NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF, and double-row cylindrical roller bearin...
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    Do you know that the earliest bearings appeared more than two thousand years ago?

    An early form of linear motion bearing was a row of wooden poles under a row of skid plates. Modern linear motion bearings use the same working principle, but sometimes balls are used instead of rollers. The most straightforward rotary bearing is a bushing bearing, which is just a bushing sandwiched between the wheel and the axle. This design was subsequently replaced by rolling bearings, which replaced the original bushings...
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    Single row cylindrical roller bearings: traditional industry has new wisdom

    We often say that don’t look at each other for three days. The truth is understandable, but when they act, they tend to preconceive inherent stereotypes. This is the case for everyone, and so is the country, and some German industrialists have said firmly: China can never make our cylindrical roller bearings with gaskets. As a result, Professor Neil Ferguson of Stanford University in the United States issued an article a...
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    Teach You How to Choose Turbocharged Bearings

    To reduce exhaust pollution, the environmental protection departments of various countries have increasingly increased the requirements for automobile exhaust emission standards and increased the tax rate of large-displacement vehicles. Therefore, on the one hand, the majority of automobile companies are reducing the emissions of automobiles, and on the other hand, they are reducing the emissions of exhaust pollutants. The t...
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    Self-aligning Ball Bearings Widely Used In Machinery Industry

    Self-aligning ball bearings are double row bearings with spherical outer ring raceways. Its inner ring, ball, and cage can rotate freely around the center of the bearing and have self-aligning properties. Its self-aligning ability can compensate for alignment errors, shaft deformation, and bearing seat deformation. The bearings are suitable for transmission bearings, in which the shaft and the upper shell are difficu...
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    Application And Types Of Thrust Ball Bearings

    Bearings are an indispensable and essential component in contemporary mechanical equipment. Its primary function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce its friction during movement, and ensure its turning accuracy. It plays an important role in extending the life of the machine. Plane bearings and thrust bearings are components composed of a flat cage assembly with a needle roller or a cylindrical roller or ...
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    Basic Knowledge of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

    Basic parameters of deep groove ball bearings: Deep groove ball bearings are the most common type of rolling bearing. The basic deep groove ball bearing consists of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel balls, and a set of cages. There are two types of deep groove ball bearings: single-row and double-row. The deep groove ball structure is also divided into two types: sealed and open. And oil-proof seal type. The ...
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    Take you into the world of rolling bearings codes

    Rolling bearings codes refers to the inner diameter, diameter series, width series, and type of the bearings, which are generally up to five digits. The code is composed of basic code, post code, and front code. Basic code First, as follows: 1) The inner diameter of the bearings is indicated by the first and second digits of the rolling bearings code. For bearings with a common inner diameter d = 20 ~ 480mm, th...
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    Explain The Composition and Installation of The Eccentric Bearings

    What is eccentric bearings? Eccentric bearing is a beneficial type of bearing s . Mainly including outer ring, inner ring, roller basket, roller body, eccentric bearing s structure is simple, easy to use, do not need eccentric shaft can achieve the eccentric function, make the eccentric mechanism greatly simplified, at the same time make the eccentric mechanism machining save labor, save time, easy to assemble, re...
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    The Feature And Application of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

    Deep groove ball bearings, originally named radial ball bearings, are one of the most widely used rolling bearings. It is characterized by low friction resistance and high speed. It can be used on machines that can bear radial loads or combined loads acting simultaneously with radial and axial directions. This bearing can also be used on machines which bear axial loads, such as low-power motors, Automotive and tractor gearbo...
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    Adjustment Of Spindle Bearing And Drive Shaft Bearings

    Spindle bearing adjustment, lathes, grinders, and milling machines have hollow thin-walled spindles with front and rear sets of bearings. The front end of the axle is mostly a conical hollow single-row or double-row radial short cylindrical bearing. So how to adjust it during installation and maintenance? For example, C620-1 lathe spindle bearing adjustment method, the front end of the lathe's main shaft is equip...
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    Method for Solving Noise of Slewing Bearing

    The slewing bearing is a new type of mechanical component. It consists of inner and outer rings, rolling elements, etc. The slewing bearing is a significant bearing capable of bearing large loads and can simultaneously carry large axial and radial loads and overturning moments. Slewing bearings are widely used in the real industry. They are called "joints of machines." They are mechanical institutions that need to pe...
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