Selection tips for low noise bearing.

Time:2018.02.06  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

1. Rolling bearing with low noise requirements: in the standard bearing produced in China, some single-row centripetal ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings have low noise varieties used for motor bearings.The ball bearing from 60 mm diameter from 2.5 mm to have several varieties with Zl, Z2 and Z3 three suffixes, corresponding to three different types of low noise, and roller bearing from N309 type to N322 type, a total of eight models have made according to standard low noise.These bearings can be used in other machines with low noise requirements, and they are cheap, such as in type and size, and use these two types of low-noise bearings as much as possible.

2. Bearing with relatively small noise: when the two types of low noise bearing are not used, the bearing with relatively small noise can be used.The specific comparison is as follows:

1) the ball bearing's noise is lower than that of the roller bearing, and the bearing with less sliding is lower than the bearing with more sliding.The number of balls, the outer ring thick, the noise is also smaller;

2) the noise of the solid bearing is relatively lower than that of the stamping cage;

3) the noise ratio of the use of plastic cage bearing is lower than that of the above two kinds of cage bearings;

4) bearing with high precision, especially the bearing with higher accuracy of rolling body, its noise is less noise than low-precision bearing;

5) the noise of small bearing is smaller than that of large bearing.

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