The Characteristics and Usage of Thrust Roller Bearings

Time:2018.03.07  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Thrust roller bearing , the main usage of it is to bearing axial load and radial combined load,but the radial load must not exceed the axial load of 55%.

Compared with other bearing , this bearing has low friction , high speed and it also has the self-aligning properties. 

For 29000 type bearing , it’s rolling element is asymmetric spherical roller , it can reduce the relative sliding of roller and raceway in work.Moreover, the roller is long, the diameter is large, the roller number is large, the load capacity is high, usually oil is lubricated, the individual low speed condition can be lubricated by grease.80000 type thrust cylindrical roller bearings, 90000 thrust taper roller bearings and AXK needle roller thrust bearing , these bearings can withstand unidirectional axial load , the axial load of it is much larger than thrust ball bearing , and the rigidity is large, occupies small axial space. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings and needle roller thrust bearings are suitable for low-speed occasions.The speed of thrust taper roller bearing is slightly higher than thrust cylindrical roller bearing.

Specific classification and introduction: 

1.Cylindrical roller thrust bearing , it can withstand a large unidirectional axial load, limit one-way axial displacement, and limit speed is low.

2.Spherical roller thrust bearings . It is used to bear radial load and axial combined load , the radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load.

3.Axial Needle and Cage assemblies , is is suitable for low speed occasion.

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