Nylon Retainers in Roller Bearings and Ball Bearings

Time:2018.02.08  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Nylon retainers are wildly used in ball bearings and roller bearings, because of the corrosion resistance it is greatly used in special industrial varieties. Nylon retainer is made of special materials. Common elements are: glass fiber reinforced nylon and adding anti aging agent, which has good strength and flexibility, chemical resistance, aging resistance and good dimensional stability characteristics.

Advantages in the use of nylon retainers:

1, its weight is light, has more flexibility, if used in electrical or power products, plays an important role in energy saving.

2,It has a low noise and is the first choice for a quiet bearing.

3, it can effectively prolong the service life of the ball bearing or roller bearing, because of less friction with the metal cage and ball or roller.

Attention in the process of using nylon retainer:

When in the process of bearing heating installation, shall not be in direct contact with the heater, in order to avoid overheating and damage of nylon retainer.

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