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    Brief History of Bearing Development

    The bearing is the support of the mechanical drive shaft and is an important guarantee for the performance, function and efficiency of the main engine. It is known as the "joint" of the machine. Its main function is to transmit force and movement and reduce friction loss. Don't think that such high-end devices are modern products. No, bearings have existed on the earth for 8,000 years. Bearings appear for...
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    Matching and Pretightening Technology of Angular Contact Bearings

    Under normal circumstances, the group of supporting contact ball bearing contact Angle is the same,When the axial load exceeds the rated requirement, some bearings will be unloaded, which will cause the ball to slip and cause early bearing failure. In order to avoid the unloading phenomenon (i.e., to improve the unloading force), the pre-load of the bearing group can be increased or the bearings with different contact ...
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    WSBC Bearing Inspection During Operation

    The inspection items of WSBC bearing during operation include rolling sound, vibration, temperature, lubrication state of the bearing, etc. The details are as follows: 1. The rolling sound of the bearing The sound meter is used to check the size and sound quality of the rolling sound of the bearing in operation.Even if the bearing is slightly damaged such as peeling, it will emit abnormal and irregular sounds, whi...
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    Features Of WSBC Deep Groove Ball Bearings

    Deep groove ball bearings have a simple structure and are easier to achieve higher manufacturing accuracy than other types. Therefore, they are easy to produce in series and have lower manufacturing costs, and they are extremely common. When a larger radial clearance is selected, the axial bearing capacity increases, and the contact angle is zero when bearing pure radial force. When there is an axial force, the contact ang...
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    Waviness and Noise of Tapered Roller Bearings

    Reducing bearing noise is an urgent problem to be solved in the bearing industry in improving bearing quality. The main factor affecting the noise of tapered roller bearings is the waviness of the bearing groove surface and the surface of the steel ball. Waviness is caused by vibration in the grinding process, so it is necessary to study the relationship between vibration and skin texture and the cause of vibration. T...
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    Reasons for Fracture of Cylindrical Roller Bearing Ring

    Cylindrical roller bearings are mostly used in medium-sized machinery. During their use, the fracture of the cylindrical roller bearing ring is also one of the common problems. Below Wuxi Spark Bearing Co., Ltd shared the reasons for the fracture of the cylindrical roller bearing ring. 1. Some macro reasons for the fracture of cylindrical roller bearing ring (1) The outer wall of the cylindrical roller b...
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    The Main Forms of Roller Bearing Failure

    When we are using bearings,there are some problems occurs without appropriate install,using or maintain,the following are some forms of roller bearing failure: 1. Fatigue flaking The inner and outer raceway of rolling bearing and the surface of rolling body both bear the load and roll relatively. Due to the action of alternating load, cracks are formed at a certain depth under the surface (the maximum shear stress...
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    WSBC Bearings Need To Be Carefully Inspected

    With the progress and development of society, mechanization has been widely used in production and life. As an indispensable part of machinery, WSBC bearings will be used more and more widely, because WSBC bearings are used as long as there is rotation. WSBC bearings are mainly used in machinery to support and reduce friction, so the accuracy and noise of WSBC bearings are directly related to the use and life of the ma...
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    Three Concerns to Improve Bearing Life

    Bearings are important parts of mechanical equipment. In order to ensure the best performance of the bearings, reliable work, correct installation and operation, and reasonable maintenance are very important. Based on experience, Wuxi Spark Bearing Co., Ltd shares three main concerns for extending bearing life. 1. First of all, lubrication is the key Choose a suitable lubrication system and high-quality lubrica...
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    Industrial Heating Furnaces Only Use Spherical Roller Bearings

    The wheel equipment of industrial furnace and heating furnace. The furnace referred to here is only for steel forging. The largest number of heating furnaces and annealing furnaces is the trolley type, so there are several trolleys for each trolley. Wheel equipment composition. 1. Why use spherical roller bearings in wheel bearings (1) When the trolley is walking, the wheel speed is slow, about 6 or 7 meters ...
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    Causes of Bearing Damage and Repair Methods

    Due to the quality and external conditions of the rolling bearing during use, its load-carrying capacity, rotation accuracy and anti-friction performance will change. When the performance index of the bearing is lower than the use requirement and cannot work normally, it is called bearing damage Or failure, once the bearing is damaged or other accidents, there will be various abnormal phenomena such as machine and equipment ...
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    Handling Method of Bearing Overheating

    As we well know bearing is the most important supporting component of motor.In general, when the temperature of the motor rolling bearing exceeds 95℃ and the temperature of sliding bearing exceeds 80℃, the bearing is overheated.At present, most motor manufacturers can consider embedding temperature measuring element near the bearing and then protecting the bearing by controlling circuit. Bearing overheating is a comm...
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    Identification And Use Of WSBC Bearings

    Whether the outer packaging is clear: Under normal circumstances, our brand's products have special designers to design the outer packaging, and arrange for production in factories that pass the production conditions, so the packaging is very clear and unambiguous from lines to color blocks . Whether the steel stamping is clear: Brand words, labels, etc. will be printed on the WSBC bearing body. The fonts are very...
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    The Structure And Performance Of WSBC Bearing

      1. Thrust angular contact ball bearings in WSBC bearings    The contact angle of thrust angular contact ball bearings is generally 60°. Commonly used thrust angular contact ball bearings are generally two-way thrust angular contact ball bearings, which are mainly used for precision machine tool spindles. They are generally used in conjunction with double row cylindrical roller bearings and can withstand two-...
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    Fault Diagnosis Technology of Tapered Roller Bearing

    The fault diagnosis technology of tapered roller bearings mainly includes vibration diagnosis technology, ferrograph diagnosis technology, temperature diagnosis technology, acoustic diagnosis technology, oil film resistance diagnosis technology and optical fiber monitoring and diagnosis technology. Among them, vibration, iron shop and temperature diagnosis technology are the most applied universal. 1. Vibration diag...
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    WSBC Bearing Selection Precautions

    The types and sizes of WSBC rolling bearings are diverse. In order to make the mechanical device play the expected performance, it is very important to choose the most suitable bearing. In order to select a bearing, many factors need to be analyzed, and the procedures for selecting a bearing need to be studied and evaluated from various angles. There are no special specifications, but the general sequence is as follows...
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    The Raw Materials for Ball Bearings

    Good quality bearings must based on High quality raw materials,Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd has good control of bearings raw materials. Bearing in the role of periodic load, contact surface is very easy to attack fatigue damage, that is, the emergence of crack spalling, which is an important failure of the bearing situation.Therefore, in order to improve the service life of bearings, bearing steel must have a high contac...
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    Selection And Function Of WSBC Bearings

    一. Selection of WSBC bearings 1. Selection of WSBC bearing model: WSBC bearing model is generally selected by the user's technical personnel according to the use conditions and load bearing of the supporting product. The business personnel mainly understand whether the actual load of the user is consistent with the selected WSBC bearing. If the WSBC bearing does not meet the requirements for use, the customer sh...
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    Common Bearing Failure Damage Form

    Bearing failure and damage will directly cause the mechanical equipment to fail to operate normally, and the failure of mechanical equipment to work will also cause the work to not be completed normally, and will also bring us great losses. In order to better use the parts of a mechanical equipment, let's learn about the percentage of bearing failure and the form, cause and remedy of bearing failure with Wuxi Spark Beari...
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    Load Type of Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    When the machine is running, according to the load acting on the cylindrical roller bearing relative to the rotation of the ring, the load on the ring can be divided into the following three types: 1. Partial load The composite radial load acting on the cylindrical roller bearing is relatively static with the ring, that is, the direction of the load always acts on the local area of the ring raceway, which is the n...
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    Influence of Preloading Method of Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    There are two ways of axial preload for cylindrical roller bearings, one is constant pressure preload, and the other is positioning preload. Under constant pressure preload, the radial stiffness of the bearing increases slightly with the increase of speed, but the axial and angular stiffness decrease rapidly. Under positioning preload, the radial, axial and angular stiffness of the bearing all increase rapidly with the incre...
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    Selection of Bearings Seals

    There are so many deep groove ball bearings with seals,today let us introduce the Selection of Bearings Seals. A bearing sealing ring is characterized in that two circular ridges extend upward on an end face of a circular ring. The inner diameter of the convex with a smaller diameter is matched with the outer diameter of the inner ring of a ball bearing. The outer diameter of the convex with a larger diameter is ...
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    Knowledge Of Angular Contact Bearings

    Angular contact ball bearing type 70,000 is composed of outer ring, inner ring, steel balls and cage. It can bear radial load and axial load at the same time, as well as pure axial load, and can work stably at higher speeds. Single row angular contact ball bearings can only bear axial load in one direction. When this type of bearing bears pure radial load, because the line of action of the rolling element load and the line o...
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    Add Frequency Of Spark Bearing Grease

    WSBC rolling bearings need to add grease at any time to replace the grease that has deteriorated, oozes, and is contaminated. Due to the ever-changing operating conditions of rolling bearings, on-site proprietary technology is required to determine the appropriate grease addition interval from once a day to once a year. There is no grease or grease addition plan that can take care of all the load, speed, and operating temper...


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