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    Bearings Cleaning

    When bearings are inspected , the appearance of the bearings should first be recorded and the amount and condition of the residual lubricant should be checked . After the lubricant has been sampled for examination , the bearings should be cleaned . in general , light oil or kerosene may be used as a cleaning solution . Dismounted bearings should first be given a preliminary cleaning followed by a finishing rinse .Each ...
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    High-speed Ball Bearings

    Usually we name a rolling bearing with a Dmn value of more than 1.0X106mm.r/min as high speed ball bearing. " Dm" is the average diameter of the rolling bearing, and " n" is the speed of the inner ring. The centrifugal force has great influence on the life and strength of rolling bearings when they are moving at high speed. Therefore, the weight of high-speed rolling bearings is often reduced to improve the high speed perfor...
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    The Load of Bearings

    The load of bearings can be divided into static load and dynamic load . The bearing static load including constant load that doesn’t change with time and quasi-static load , it’s too slow , so that the force of inertia can be omitted. The bearing dynamic load including short - time quick impact load ( for example: air hammer), periodic changed cyclic loading( for example: the air compressor crankshaft and aperio...
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    Improve tapered roller bearing rated load

    Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd announced today, is widely used in all kinds of vehicles and industrial equipment's tapered roller bearing series product rated load will be raised by 10% on average. Through the use of advanced bearing engineering design technology, performance evaluation results confirm to the improvement of the rated load can be used for railway vehicle system and guarantee, mining and aggregate, agricult...
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    Brief Knowledge of Insulation Bearings

    How many types of electric insulation bearings? There are many insulation bearing types, insulated angular contact ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearing, insulation of the angular contact ball bearing is designed based on a hybrid ceramic ball bearing; the insulation deep groove ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearing is a designed by use an outer or inner ring with a coating. Do the ...
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    The Friction Coefficient of Bearings

    For easy comparison with sliding bearing , the rolling bearings’ friction moment can be calculated according to the inner diameter by below equation: M=uPd/2 In this equation: M : stands for friction moment , mN.m u : friction coefficient P : bearing load , N d : bearing nominal bore diameter,mm The friction coefficient “u” is greatly affected by bearing type, bearing load, rotating speed and lubr...
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    the new techniques and bearing steel development direction in the future

    Bearing steel is mainly used to produce of rolling bearings of rolling body and rings. Since the bearing should have long life, high precision, low heat, high-speed, high rigidity, low noise, high wear resistance characteristic, therefore, ask bearing steel should have: high hardness, even hardness and high elastic limit, high contact fatigue strength, toughness, certain to its quench-hardening ability in the atmosphere, the...
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    Life And Load Rating

    When bearings raotate , the inner and outer rings and rolling elements are constantly loaded . This produces material fatigue and eventually bearing failure . The total number of revolutions before a failure occurs is called the basic rating life . Life of individual bearings varies considerably , even if they are of the same size , same material , same heat treatment and are under the same operating conditions . Stati...
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    Factors Affecting the Service Life of Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd would like to teach you the Internal and external factors affecting the service life of cylindrical roller bearing, hope to bring you some help. 1, the limitation of bearing size Usually double row cylindrical roller bearings can be installed in a restricted space. In most cases, the diameter of the shaft (or the inner diameter of the bearing) is limited by the mechanical design or other design. S...
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    The Damage Performance of Spherical Roller Bearings

    In this article , we will introduce you some damage performance of the roller bearings. 1.The scar on the bearing race, for this kinds of damage , normally because of the lake of lubricant or the impurities get into the bearing or bearing installation error. 2.Cavitation. When the lubricating oil was in the low pressure zone of oil film, bubbles will formed in oil, once the bubbles moves to the high pressure zone, it w...
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    Bearing seal type

    In order to make the bearing keep good lubrication conditions and normal work environment, give full play to the functions of bearing, prolong service life, to the rolling bearing must have appropriate seal to prevent leakage and dust, lubricant moisture or other dirt invading. Bearing seal can be divided into bringing seal and plus two kinds of seal. The bearing is to bring their own seal bearing itself into a manufactur...
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    Basic Rules For Selecting And Handling of Bearings

    NOTES ON SELECTING The efficiency of thin type bearings can be greatly affected by the precision of shaft and housing seats . The accuracy of the surrounding structure must be such that it will not adversely affect the operation of the bearings . NOTES ON HANDLING The actual assembly area should be kept free from dust as any contamination has a detrimental effect on the operation and life of rolling bear...
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    Brief Knowledge of Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    Cylindrical Roller Bearing: Rolling body is the cylindrical roller. The inner structure of cylindrical roller bearings is arranged the roller in parallel. There are isolation blocks between rollers, which can prevent the roller slanting or the friction between the rollers, and effectively prevent the increase of rotational torque. Cylindrical roller bearing belongs to separation type bearing, it is very convenient to instal...
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    How To Determine Whether Your Bearings Need To Be Replaced

    To determine whether the removed bearings can be reused, after cleaning, we need to carefully check the raceway surface , rolling surface and the wear pattern of the bearing cage. If the bearing has the following defect , it can’t be used anymore. 1.Any of the out ring , inner ring , rolling element and cage have crack or notch. 2.There is obvious bruise or rust on raceway surface , bearing rib , or rolling element....
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    Using the heart ball bearings

    To the heart ball bearing is a kind of general design, can bear in the movement of the different sizes of the load.One of the standard to the heart ball bearing in a deep groove structure, can bear coming from any upward radial load and smaller axial load. With the maximum load capacity centripetal ball bearing main radial load.This type of rolling bearing in a variety of sizes are available. Different seal configuration can...
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    Bearing Handling

    Since rolling bearings are high precision machine parts , they must be handle accordingly . Even if high quality bearings are used , their expected performance cannot be achieved if they are not handled properly . The main precautions to be observed are as follows : 1 , keep bearings and surrounding area clean 2,careful handling 3, Use proper tools 4, Prevent corrosion
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    Installation of Tapered Roller Bearing

    Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd would like to teach you some knowledge about the installation of tapered roller bearing,hope to bring you some help. Various types and structures tapered roller bearings have similar installation method.We will take the four row tapered roller bearing as a example to introduce the installation of tapered roller bearing. First,install the tapered roller bearing into the bearing box,then install th...
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    The Introduction of Tapered Roller Bearing

    Tapered roller bearings are generally used to support combined load mainly consisting of radial load. The bearing capacity depends on the angle of outer ring raceway, the larger the Angle, the greater the carrying capacity. Their cups are separable and easy to assembly. According to the columns of the rolling body, it can be divided into single row , double row, and four-row tapered roller bearing. Tapered roller bearings...
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    How to improve the bearing service life and make the bearing more durable?

    The life of the bearing includes Noise life, wear-life, Grease's lifetime and Rolling fatigue life General bearing problems are due to the careless of installation, using and lubrication,Foreign invaders that are invading from the outside,the study on the thermal influence of the shaft and shell is not sufficient. In order to improve the bearing service life 1.According to the environment,select the app...
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    Characteristics and Application of Tapered Roller Bearings

    Characteristics and Application of Tapered Roller Bearings Small one-way thrust tapered roller bearing are almost completely used in steering knuckle of commercial vehicles. This kind of bearing is usually full of rollers and is fixed with thin steel plate cover. Most are wear resistant, oil resistant nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) friction seals. Use multi purpose grease for lifetime lubrication without maintenance. There...
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    The Brief introduction of Spherical roller bearing

    1.Spherical roller bearing, the outer ring raceway is part of the sphere, the bearing has internal tuning performance to adapt the relative deviation of the shaft and the seat hole. 2.For this bearing , it can Bear heavy radial load and impact load, at the same time , it can also undertake a certain two-way axial load. 3.This type of bearing can limit the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in the axial clearanc...
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    Fixed-End Bearing and Free end bearing

    The mechanical type is different, the use condition of the bearing will be different, and the performance requirements of the bearing are different, but generally, there are not less than two bearings used on one shaft. Moreover, in order to facilitate axial positioning, a bearing is mostly used as a fixed end bearing and the rest is used as a free end bearing Fixed end bearing is used for bearing axial positioning and...
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    How to Dismounting of Bearings with Cylindrical Bores

    If the mounting design allows space to press out the inner ring , this is an easy and fast method . In this case , the withdrawal force should be imposed only on the inner ring . Withdrawal tools are often used . In both cases , the claws of the tools must substantially engage the face of the inner ring:therefore , it is advisable to consider the size of the shaft shoulder or to cut grooves in the shoulder to accommodate th...
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    Application and Related Knowledge of Bearing

    Bearing is an important part of modern machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support the rotating body of the machine, reduce the friction coefficient in the process of movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy. Bearings can be divided into a variety of types, rolling bearings, radial bearings, ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings,thrust bearings and so on. Usually we think that the function of the bearing ...


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