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    Analysis of Surface Roughness of Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    In the grinding process of cylindrical roller bearings, the working surface is ground by a high-speed rotating grinding wheel, so if you do not operate and adjust the equipment according to the operation instructions during grinding, all kinds of roughness will appear on the bearing working surface Degree defect, which affects the overall quality of the bearing. Cylindrical roller bearings in precision grinding, due to the h...
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    What Are The Main Factors Affecting The Vibration Of Tapered Roller Bearings

    The vibration system composed of steel, flexibility, mass, damping, etc. determined by the design parameters of the bearing structure will generate vibrations that are compatible with its mechanics under operating conditions. The vibration caused by the deviation in the manufacturing process, the smaller the deviation, the smaller the vibration. The roundness, waviness and surface roughness of the surface of the steel bal...
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    Standard for Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Bearing is an important part of modern machinery and equipment.Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce its friction coefficient in the process of motion, and ensure its rotation accuracy. According to the different frictional properties of moving elements, bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings.Among them, the rolling bearing has been standardized and serialized,...
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    Common Failure Modes And Countermeasures Of Spark Rolling Bearings

    The correct and reasonable use of bearings is a systematic project. In the process of bearing structure design, manufacturing and installation, corresponding measures are taken for the links that produce early failures, which can effectively increase the service life of bearings and the host. 1. Peeling from the extreme position of one side of the channel The spalling at the extreme position of one side of the c...
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    WSBC Non-standard Special Bearing

    WSBC Non-standard Special Bearing That is to say, non-standard bearings are, generally speaking, bearings that do not conform to the external dimensions prescribed by the national standards, that is, all bearings whose external dimensions are different from the national standards. Its main characteristics are: low degree of versatility, mostly for special equipment and special occasion applications, small batches...
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    Performance Characteristics Of thrust Spherical Roller Bearings

    Thrust tapered roller bearings can only bear one-way axial load and can limit the one-way axial displacement of the bearing, so they can be used as one-way axial positioning. Compared with thrust cylindrical roller bearings, the bearing capacity is large and the relative sliding is small, but the limit speed is low. Thrust spherical roller bearings have two rows of rollers, a common spherical raceway on the outer rin...
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    The Rust Prevention Of Tapered Roller Bearings Is Very Important

    Anti-rust management between processes During the processing, the metal often contacts with atmospheric environments such as dust, moisture and acid mist, and corrosion will occur. After the heat treatment, the residual salt will not be cleaned. Chip dust, hand sweat, etc. are very likely to cause bearing corrosion. Therefore, to ensure that the workpiece will not cause losses during processing, effective rust preventio...
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    The Advantages of WSBC Angular Contact Ball Bearings

    Angular contact ball bearings are ball bearings with raceways in the inner and outer rings that are displaced relative to each other in the direction of the bearing axis. This means that these bearings are designed to withstand combined loads, that is, radial and axial loads acting simultaneously. The axial load carrying capacity of angular contact ball bearings increases with increasing contact angle. The contact ...
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    What Are The Benefits Of Preloading For WSBC Bearings

    What is bearing preload? Generally, rolling bearings have a certain clearance under working conditions. But in order to achieve a specific purpose, when the bearing is configured, the bearing is given a certain internal load through a certain adjustment method and used in a state of negative clearance. This method of use is called bearingpreload. What are the benefits of preloading on bearings?...
  • 12

    WSBC Special Bearing For Cement Mixer

    Conventional roller bearings: Tapered roller bearings are separate bearings. The inner and outer rings of the bearings have tapered raceways. This type of bearing is divided into different structural types such as single-row, double-row and four-row tapered roller bearings according to the number of rollers installed. Single row tapered roller bearings can withstand radial loads and axial loads in one direction. Wh...
  • 11

    Anti-rust Inspection Work For Spherical Roller Bearings

    Spherical roller bearings have two rows of rollers, which mainly bear radial loads and can also withstand axial loads in either direction. With high radial load capacity, it is especially suitable for work under heavy load or vibration load, but can not bear pure axial load. The raceway of the outer ring of this type of bearing is spherical, so its self-aligning performance is good, and it can compensate the coaxiality error...
  • 08

    Characteristics And Maintenance Of Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    The internal structure of the cylindrical roller bearing adopts rollers arranged in parallel, with spacers or spacers installed between the rollers, which can prevent the tilting of the rollers or the friction between the rollers, which effectively prevents the increase of the rotating torque. Introduction of cylindrical roller bearings Cylindrical rollers and raceways are linear contact bearings. Load capacity, m...
  • 07

    Use of WSBC Tapered Roller Bearings

    Tapered roller bearings mainly bear radial and axial combined load.Bearing capacity dependson the raceway Angle of the outer ring, and the larger the Angle, the greater the bearingcapacity.The bearings are separable bearings, which are divided into single column, doublerow and four row tapered roller bearings according to the number of rolling bodies in thebearing.Single row tapered roller bearing clearance needs to be adjus...
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    Performance And Use Of WSBC Bearings

    Spherical Roller Bearings are equipped with drum roller bearings between the inner ring with two raceways and the outer ring with spherical raceways. The center of curvature of the raceway surface of the outer ring is consistent with the center of the bearing, so it has the same self-aligning function as the self-aligning ball bearing. The metal processing WeChat has good content and is worthy of attention. When the shaf...
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    Special Purpose Bearings

    Mixer truck bearing Brief introduction: The bearings of the mixer truck are special bearings, which has a strong load-bearing operating force. The bearings are special bearings for the reducer of the concrete mixer truck. Common classification: 1) Concrete mixer reduction gear bearing 2) Engineering machinery hydraulic pump bearing 3) Partial bearing for grate cooler of cement plant Today's...
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    Knowledge About The Use Of Spherical Roller Bearings

    About accuracy error In the production of large quantities of spherical roller bearings, the adjustment process system such as template, sample, block and master is generally used; in single-piece small batch production, the scale (Scale or gauge block on the machine tool) is usually used for adjustment. Spherical roller bearings have higher rated load, lower noise, greatly reduce warranty costs, increase machine...
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    Can The Inner And Outer Rings Of Cylindrical Roller Bearings Be Interchangeable?

    Cylindrical roller bearings (also called “Cylinder Roller Bearings”)are bearings that use cylinders as rolling elements, unlike balls in ball bearings. In this way, the contact area between the roller and the outer ring is larger (linear), and the load is distributed on a wider surface. Subsequently, they have a relatively high radial load capacity and are suitable for high speeds. Double row cylindrical roller bear...
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    WSBC Bearings for Reducer

    Reducer is a kind of dynamic convey institutions, using the gear speed converter, to reduce the turnover number of power supply to the required number of rotary, and get a bigger torque, speed reducer bearing supporting rotation between the gear axis or in which the role of the connecting rod, because the cylindrical roller bearing can be obtained within the scope of the size of the effective continuous stable support the ro...
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    Has The Bearing been refurbished?Difference and identification method with WSBC Bearing

    Today I will share with you the difference between refurbished bearings and WSBC bearings, and how to distinguish whether the bearings are old bearings after refurbishment when buying bearings.Need Bearing 24034CC/W33 ,click here. The difference between refurbished bearings and good bearings: 1. The size of the bearing after refurbishment has changed. The small outer diameter and large inner diameter can be meas...
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    Spherical roller bearings

    Spherical roller bearings: Roller bearing is one of the rolling bearings, and it is one of the widely used components in modern machinery. It relies on the rolling contact between the main components to support the rotating parts. Roller bearings are now mostly standardized. Roller bearings have the advantages of small torque required for starting, high rotation accuracy, and convenient selection. Roller bear...
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    Several Factors Affecting The Temperature Of Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    Because the bearing is a high-precision product, improper assembly can easily damage the bearing channel, resulting in bearing damage. Cylindrical roller bearings cannot be knocked at random during assembly. They can only be stressed by small rings when pressed into the shaft, and only by large rings when pressed by large rings. Air pressure or hydraulic pressure is required during assembly, and the upper and lower molds s...
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    Internal And External Factors Affecting The Service Life Of Double-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Bearing size restrictions Usually the space where double row cylindrical roller bearings can be installed is limited. In most cases, the shaft diameter (or bearing inner diameter) is based on mechanical design or other design limitations. Therefore, the choice of bearing type and size is determined according to the inner diameter of the bearing. Therefore, the main size tables of standard bearings are compiled based o...
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    Quality Requirements For WSBC Bearing Appearance

    Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd quality department has our own criterion for bearing appearance,All of our bearings are following as below: 1. Bearing parts are not allowed to have cracks, sharp edges, burrs and rust;The raceway is not allowed to have the trace of the process;The superfine lines of the inner and outer ring and steel ball face should be uniform, and no abrasions and bruises are allowed. 2. the be...
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    Precautions For Installation of Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    The split bearing unit includes Cylindrical Roller Bearings , bearing seats, bracket seats and some coupling parts.The bearings, bearing seats and bracket seats are all separated by 180 ° in the axial direction, which is easy to install and remove. It is precisely because of the installation and disassembly of the split bearing, which can effectively save the disassembly time, reduce the production cost, and improve th...


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