The Reason for Premature Aging of Rolling Bearings and Prevention Method

Time:2018.02.01  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Premature aging of rolling bearings will causes the stop of equipment. Normally , the  reason for premature aging of rolling bearing is: tight assembly , poor lubrication , severe jolt , fatigue of materials , pollution of the corrosion , etc.
1. Tight assembly .
The clearance between ball and raceway is too small. The torque and friction increases, the bearing work temperature is too high, so lead to the wear of bearing.
Prevention method: Restore the radial clearance of the bearing and reduce the interference .
2.Poor lubrication .
Due to lack of grease or dry aging of grease , the bearing temperature is too high to oxidation stain .
Prevention method: According to the operation time, the environment temperature, the load condition, the quality of lubricating grease... determine its replenishment and oil change time.
3.Severe jolt.
Heat deformation of iron core; Aging of motor bearing; The spindle deformation is larger;The foundation is not strong ... All this will cause the vibration of bearing.
Prevention method: maintain the equipment and bearings regularly.
4.Fatigue of materials
Because the metal material fatigue, the fractal will fall off from the bearing raceway and ball ,and mixed in lubricating grease, this will make noise increases.
Prevention method: Considering the normal fatigue of bearing material, replace the new bearing of the same type.
5.Pollution of the corrosion
The assembly site is not clean, such as moisture, acid, alkali and poisonous gases; Pollution of tools and hands; Poor quality lubrication is used.
Prevention method: When assembly,keep the environment, tools and hands clean; Clean the bearings thoroughly; Replace high-quality bearing grease.

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