The basic performance requirement of rolling bearing working condition

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1. Use magnetic plug to monitor rolling bearing.

(1) the magnetic plug is only suitable for oil lubrication and is monitored through the key main bearing of oil recovery through special pipe.

(2) the magnetic plug shall be installed near the main bearing of the monitored main bearing, and it is in the main channel of the oil return, and there is no filter, oil pump and other hydraulic parts in the middle.

(3) in order to improve the monitoring efficiency, a gyroscope oil reservoir with a return oil import and export can be made.The oil reservoir shall be formed into an inverted conical shape, and the magnetic plug shall be installed at the bottom of the reservoir.The inlet of the oil reservoir should be tilted at a certain Angle so that the lubricant can be cut into it.This is conducive to the separation of abrasive and rotary lubricating oil, and is deposited at the bottom, through the hole into the magnetic plug, adsorption at the magnetic steel end.

2. Morphological characteristics of abrasive grains under normal conditions.

During the running and normal operation period of rolling bearing, the size of abrasive fragments produced by the rolling bearing is generally 0.01 ~ 0.015mm, and some metal powder is mixed.The number of abrasive fragments produced during the running period of the new bearing is more than that of normal operation period, and the number of abrasive fragments and metal powders will decrease significantly after entering the normal operation period.The shards of grinding grains present a thin and short form under a microscope, with irregular sections.

3. The morphological characteristics of the fault wear abrasive grains.

The main failure mode of rolling bearing is fatigue pitting.The size and size of the abrasive fragments formed by rolling fatigue and peeling are generally 0.025 ~ 0.05mm.Sometimes there are larger pieces, and there are some metal powders.The ball bearings of ball bearings are generally presented in the form of a round, radially separated rose petals.The grinding debris of the raceway presents a form of roughly circular surface fragmentation;Rollers of roller bearings are usually presented in a rectangular form with a length of 2 ~ 3 times the width of the roller bearing.The grinding fragments of a raceway usually show irregular rectangles.

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