Standard requirements for bearing parts.

Time:2018.02.28  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

1. The quality of bearing parts must meet the requirements of relevant national and industrial standards. The drawings shall be subject to drawing standards. 

2. The inner and outer ring of the bearing and the ball must be tested for flaw detection and no cracks are allowed.In the process of parts processing, acid cleaning must be carried out and no burn is allowed. 

3. Sampling inspection shall be conducted before the finished steel ball is assembled.Ball quality shall meet GB/T308 standard requirements. 

4. The technical requirements of the maintenance frame shall meet the requirements of the current national and industry standards, and the shelf material shall meet the requirements of the product drawings.The iron cage requires surface pickling.The surface of the shelf is not allowed to have pits, spots, scars. 

5. Technical requirements for parts tolerance.

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