Plastic Deformation of Bearing

Time:2018.04.19  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

The plastic deformation of bearing includes three kinds: bearing overload, indentation caused by impurity and plastic deformation during installation.

1 Bearing overload
If bearings bear excessive static load, roller race will occur plastic deformation

2 The indentation caused by impurity
If the inside lubricant of the bearing are polluted by impurities, particles can cause tiny  indentation on the bearing rolling groove surface, undermining race or roller surface morphology, overheat or noise. Because of such pollution and indentation, the bearing temperature is too high and damage. In order to reduce the damage caused by impurities to the bearing, it is necessary to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the bearing in the process of installation, and ensure that the bearing has a reasonable seal protection.

3. Plastic deformation caused by the installation process.
During the bearing installation process, can not use steel hammer or other direct percussion, and the installation froce of the bearing can not pass through the rolling body. Otherwise, plastic deformation will occur and the bearing will be damaged. This kind of damage is mainly manifested in the shape change of bearing parts, so the failure marks in different working conditions are different, which needs to be analyzed concretely.

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