Which is the Better Choice for Motor Bearing ?

Time:2018.02.02  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Advantages of cylindrical roller bearings:

After improve the design of geometric shape of cylindrical roller bearing raceway and rolling body, it has high bearing capacity, a new structure design of rib and roller end, not only improves the bearing capacity, but also improve lubrication conditions of rib and roller end of the contact area, improve the bearing performance.

Cylindrical roller bearings are generally used only to bear radial load, the roller and the ring raceway are linear contact, which belongs to the axial separable bearing. Compared with the same shape and size deep groove bearing, the cylindrical roller bearing has a larger radial load capacity. The cylindrical roller bearing is easy to install and disassemble. It is resistant to impact and has good rigidity. It can have a limited displacement in the axial direction, so it can not bear the axial load alone.
The cylindrical roller is in line contact with the raceway, has a large radial load capacity ,which is suitable for heavy load and impact load, but also suitable for high speed rotation.

Advantages of deep groove ball bearings:

Deep groove ball bearings have a wide range of application; it is mainly used for high speed, high precision rotation and other working conditions.
In the high rotational speed motor equipment, we usually choose to use deep groove ball bearings. When the load is relatively heavy, in order to increase the bearing capacity of the motor, we will choose cylindrical roller bearings.

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