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    Selection tips for low noise bearing.

    1. Rolling bearing with low noise requirements: in the standard bearing produced in China, some single-row centripetal ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings have low noise varieties used for motor bearings.The ball bearing from 60 mm diameter from 2.5 mm to have several varieties with Zl, Z2 and Z3 three suffixes, corresponding to three different types of low noise, and roller bearing from N309 type to N322 typ...
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    Which is the Better Choice for Motor Bearing ?

    Advantages of cylindrical roller bearings: After improve the design of geometric shape of cylindrical roller bearing raceway and rolling body, it has high bearing capacity, a new structure design of rib and roller end, not only improves the bearing capacity, but also improve lubrication conditions of rib and roller end of the contact area, improve the bearing performance. Cylindrical roller bearings are generally use...
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    The Reason for Premature Aging of Rolling Bearings and Prevention Method

    Premature aging of rolling bearings will causes the stop of equipment. Normally , the reason for premature aging of rolling bearing is: tight assembly , poor lubrication , severe jolt , fatigue of materials , pollution of the corrosion , etc. 1. Tight assembly . The clearance between ball and raceway is too small. The torque and friction increases, the bearing work temperature is too high, so lead to the wear of bearing. ...
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    The basic performance requirement of rolling bearing working condition

    1. Use magnetic plug to monitor rolling bearing. (1) the magnetic plug is only suitable for oil lubrication and is monitored through the key main bearing of oil recovery through special pipe. (2) the magnetic plug shall be installed near the main bearing of the monitored main bearing, and it is in the main channel of the oil return, and there is no filter, oil pump and other hydraulic parts in the middle. (3) in ord...
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    The Self-aligning Ball Bearings

    The self-aligning ball bearing has two rows of balls and a common concave sphere raceway in the outer ring . The bearing is consequently self-aligning and insensitive to angular misalignments of the shaft relative to the housing . It is particularly suitable for applications in the occasion that with shaft deflections or misaglignment . Additionally , the self-aligning ball bearing has the lowest friction of all rolling b...
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    Installation of Thrust Bearings

    Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd would like to teach you some knowledge about installation of thrust bearings. Hope to help you learn more about bearings. Thrust bearings include four point contact ball bearings, double row (single row) angular contact ball bearings, two-way thrust cone and cylindrical roller bearings. When four point angle ball bearing and double (single) angle touch ball bearings used as thrust bearing, cannot...
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    The Influence Factors of Bearing Performance.

    The service life and reliability of rolling bearings are closely related to the smelting quality of bearing steel.Due to the characteristics of bearing steel, the requirements for smelting quality are much stricter than general industrial steel, such as chemical composition, purity, organization and uniformity of steel. 1.Strict chemical composition requirements.Generally, bearing steel is mainly high carbon chromium bearing...
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    Some Misunderstandings on Quality Judgment of Roller Bearing and Ball Bearing

    1. Judging bearing quality by whether the surface of the bearing is bright or not In the process of selling roller bearings or ball bearings, many customers say that as long as the surface of the rolling bearing is bright, it is good quality, actually this is wrong. Rolling bearing surface should be the kind of glossy black, glossy black for this reason is whether the use of the rolling bearing steel standard and its grindi...
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    The Common Problems In Bearing Use.

    Strong metallicsound 1.Abnormal load : Select the appropriate assembly clearance and preload. 2.Poor assembly: Improve the machining precision of the shaft and the installation method. 3.Insufficient lubricant : supplement or use appropriate lubricant. Regular Sound 1.The foreign body caused the raceway to rust, indentation and scar : Clean related parts and use clean grease. 2.Bearing raceway spalling : Fatigue...
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    Precision grade and selection of bearing.

    1. The tolerance level of the bearing is determined according to the rotation accuracy requirement of the axial support. Level 0: it is widely used in general bearing systems with rotating precision greater than 10 m.Such as the speed change mechanism of common machine tool, the speed change mechanism of feeding mechanism, automobile, tractor, ordinary motor, water pump and agricultural machinery, etc. Level 6, 5, in t...
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    Special Bearing For Mining Machinery

    Special process and Technical requirements : After processing of gush arenaceous , the surface of ferrule will emerge compressive stress to buffer the impact load ; reducing the rough degree of roller path and surface of ferrule in order to improve the performance of bearing Performance advantages Good bearing capacity , good resistance performance is effective under the situation of axis deviating fa...
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    Application of Self Aligning Ball Bearings

    Industry application: Self aligning ball bearing is suitable for textile machines, plastic machinery, medical equipment and various industrial machinery. The characteristics of products: self-aligning ball bearings are divided into with a cylindrical bore and two conical hole two types, the material of the cage is plate, synthetic resin, etc. Its characteristic is the outer ring raceway is spherical self-aligning, with au...
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    How to Judge Whether the Lubricating Grease Is Metamorphic

    In order to provide better performance during operation, the bearing is usually lubricated by grease , it can reduce the friction and temperature rise of the bearing. If the grease is bad , not only does it not play a role, but it is more detrimental to the use of bearings. The method of judging metamorphic grease are as follows. 1.Oil flow observation. Take two measuring cups , one is filled with lubricating oils, whi...
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    Thrust ball bearing characteristics.

    1. There are two types: one-way and two-way. 2. Thrust ball bearing can only bear axial load. One-way thrust bearing can only bear axial load of one direction, and two-way thrust bearing can withstand the alternating axial load of two directions. 3, thrust ball bearing can not limit axial or radial movement of box, its limit rotational speed is low, the unidirectional thrust bearing can restrict the shaft or the axial ...
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    Different States of Spherical Roller Bearings Damage

    Damage status of spherical roller bearings, such as: roller bearing ring guard card damage, as a reason to consider, lack of lubricant, not suitable for the defect of oil discharge structure, foreign invasion, bearing installation error, the deflection of the shaft is too large. 1, The Cavitation The cavitation erosion of the core roller bearing is the form of surface damage caused by the contact between the solid surface ...
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    The Overview of Spherical Plain Bearings

    Spherical plain bearings mainly consist of a inner ring with spherical outer surface and a outer ring with inner spherical surface , it can withstand heavy load. Depending on its different type and structure , it can bear radial load, axial load , and combined load of radial and axial directions. Since its outer sphere of the inner ring is encrusted with composite materials , the bearing can produce self-lubrication at work....
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    Using WSBC bearing have any requirements

    Preferred to have a good understanding of mechanical device used in bearing parts, premise to choose appropriate WSBC bearing, to obtain the following several aspects of the data and material: 1, Mechanical device functions and structure 2, The use of bearing parts 3, Bearing load (size and direction) 4, Rotating speed 5, Vibration and impact 6, Bearing temperature (temperature, temperature rise around) ...
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    Bearing unit of papermaking machinery

    The bearing unit of paper machinery is the combination of special bearing for paper machinery and adapter sleeve , it is helpful to installation , position and using . Adapter sleeve can make the bearings running smoothly as an necessory of internal cone hole, and it must be high precision with longer life . Most important 4 parameters are as followings : 1 . The redial beating times of external for adapter sleeve and ...
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    Maintenance of Bearings

    Cleaning of bearing: when removing the bearing, we first check the surface of the bearing, confirm the remaining amount of lubricant. After sampling the lubricant, wash the bearing with a cleaning agent or kerosene. The cleaning of the removed bearings is divided into coarse cleaning and fine cleaning. They are placed in containers respectively. In the coarse cleaning, if the bearing is rotated with the dirt, it will damage...
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    The Necessity of Checking Vibration and Temperature of Bearings

    1.Bearing vibration. Bearing vibration is sensitive to bearing damage , for example , the peeling , indentation , rusting , crack , abrasion ... will be reflected in bearing vibration measurement . So, the vibration size can be measured by using a special bearing vibration parameter meter (frequency analyzer), we can infer the specific situation by the frequency distribution. The measured values are different depending on...
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    The solution of Using WSBC tapered roller bearing fault

    The solution of Using WSBC tapered roller bearing fault in the process of the bearings Use factor is mainly refers to installation and adjustment, and use the maintenance, the maintenance and repair, etc is in accordance with the technical requirements. WSBC bearing according to installation, operation and maintenance, the maintenance requirements, on operation of circular cone roller bearings are under load, speed, worki...
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    Advantages and Disadvantages of Rolling Bearings

    The rolling bearing is a kind of precise mechanical element that turnsthe sliding friction between the shaft and the axle seat into rolling friction,in order to reduce the friction . Ball bearings, roller bearings andneedle roller bearings all belong to the rolling bearings. Advantages of rolling bearings 1, the friction resistance and the power consumption are small,the mechanical efficiency is high, and is easy to st...
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    The Function of Bearing Lubrication

    Lubrication has important influence on fatigue life, abrasion, temperature and vibration of rolling bearing , without normal lubrication, the bearing cannot work. Based on analysis, about forty percent of the bearing damage is related to lubrication. So good lubrication of bearing is an effective measure to reduce friction and wear. The function of bearing lubrication can be briefly explained as follows: 1. A layer of o...
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    Import bearings selected and matters need attention

    The import bearings and the use of attention in the selected summary of rolling bearing bearing type, type and size are diverse. For the mechanical device to play out the expected performance, select the most appropriate bearing is very important. For the selected bearing, many will need analysis, from every Angle to research, evaluation on choosing the bearing program, and no special specifications, but the general order...


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