Knowledge of Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Time:2018.03.02  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd would like to introduce you some knowledge of miniature deep groove ball bearings, hope to bring you some help.

In the mini bearings, the type of miniature deep groove ball bearing has 68 series, 69 series, 60 series, and 6 kinds of British R series. On this basis, also can be divided into ZZ steel bearing shield series, with RS rubber sealing ring micro bearing series, teflon seal bearing series and flange series and so on.

Main uses

Applicable to all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motor high speed low noise field, such as office equipment, micro motor, instrument, laser engraving, small clocks, soft drive, pressure rotor, dental drill, drive motor, stepper motor, VCR drum, toys, computer cooling fan, currency-counting machine, fax machine and related fields.

Failure cause of miniature deep groove bearing

About 40% of the failure causes are by pollution and corrosion of dust, dirt and debris. Pollution is usually caused by improper use and poor working environment, which can also cause the problem of torque and noise. The failure of the miniature bearings produced by the environment and pollution is preventable. The denudation of the miniature deep groove ball bearings is easy to avoid as long as the use and installation of the bearings are reasonable.

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