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    How to Install Split Spherical Roller Bearings

    Split roller bearings are mainly used for shafts supported by several points and positions that are difficult to access. Typical applications include transportation equipment, material handling equipment, ventilation equipment, steel rolling, shipbuilding and paper making. The installation of split spherical roller bearings is also an important part. Wuxi Spark Bearing Co., Ltd will share the knowledge about bearing insta...
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    Replacement Steps of Separation Bearing of Cement Mixer

    The steps to replace the separation bearing of the cement mixer are as follows: 1. Remove the split fork guard (A) from the clutch housing (B) 2. With the aid of a vise, squeeze the spring (D) of the separation fork device, remove the separation fork (C) from the clutch housing (B), and remove the separation bearing (E). 3. Rotate the separation bearing by hand to check the bearing clearance. If the clear...
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    The Function of WSBC Lock Nut

    Lock nut, is a kind of nut widely used in machinery and other industries, its working principle is the use of friction between nuts and bolts for self-locking.However, the reliability of self-locking will be reduced under dynamic load.On important occasions, we take precautions to ensure that the nuts are securely fastened. The working principle of nuts is to use the friction force between nuts and bolts for self-locki...
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    Precautions For Using Spark Bearings

    As a precision spare part, the bearing has many points that need attention when it is installed and used. If it is a little careless, the bearing will malfunction or fail, so the user needs to pay attention to the following matters to make the bearing work better. Extend its service life. 1. Mechanical damage In severe cases, metal peeling and large-scale messy scratches occur on the touch surface; under normal...
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    The protection and maintenance of rolling mill bearing

    Roll bearings are used to support the roll, compared with general purpose bearings; roll bearings have the following characteristics: 1 High pressure per unit Because dimensions of the bearing housing is limited, cannot be greater than the minimum diameter of the roll body, and the length of the roll neck is short, so it's unit load on the bearing is large. The unit pressure of general roll bearing can be up to 20...
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    The Role and Use of Tapered Roller Bearings

    Tapered roller bearings mainly bear radial and axial combined loads. Bearing load capacity depends on the raceway angle of the outer ring, the greater the angle, the greater the load capacity. This type of bearing is a separate bearing. It is divided into single-row, double-row and four-row tapered roller bearings according to the number of rows of rolling elements in the bearing. The clearance of single-row tapered roller b...
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    Features and Performance of Spherical Plain Bearings

    The joint bearings mainly include: angular contact joint bearings, thrust joint bearings, radial joint bearings, and stalk end joint bearings. The classification of joint bearings is mainly based on the direction, nominal contact angle and structural type that can bear the load. What are the characteristics of radial spherical plain bearings Spherical plain bearings can withstand larger loads. According to...
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    WSBC High Temperature Bearings

    There are many kinds of high temperature bearing, according to different needs, different environments, can be installed in different types of bearing. WSBC high temperature bearings are widely used in metallurgy, furnace, glass, blast furnace, painting equipment and other high temperature operating machinery. General structure high temperature bearing: it mainly refers to the bearings designed according to the c...
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    Cooling And Lubrication Of Turbocharger Bearings

    The turbocharging device that we usually say is actually an air compressor, which compresses air to increase the intake of the engine. Generally speaking, turbocharging uses the inertial impulse of exhaust gas discharged by the engine to push the turbine in the turbine room. In addition, the turbine drives the coaxial impeller, and the impeller pressurizes the air sent from the air cleaner pipe to make it pressurized into th...
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    WSBC Roller Bearing

    Roller bearings are one of the rolling bearings and one of the widely used components in modern machinery. It relies on the rolling contact between the main components to support the rotating parts. Roller bearings are now mostly standardized. Roller bearings have the advantages of low torque required for starting, high rotation accuracy, and easy selection. Definition Rolling bearings are divided into ball bearin...
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    The Basic Knowledge of Spherical Roller Bearings

    Definition of spherical roller bearings: The rolling elements are spherical bearings with spherical rollers. Spherical roller bearings have two rows of rollers, which mainly bear radial loads and can also withstand axial loads in either direction. There is a universal spherical raceway in the outer ring. The two inner ring raceways are inclined at an angle to the bearing center. The bearing is self-centering, so it i...
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    Automotive Turbocharger Bearings

    All types of motor vehicles must meet increasingly stringent fuel consumption and environmental regulations. Therefore, driven by market demand, the size of turbocharged engines is continuously decreasing. In addition to diesel engines, gasoline engines in vehicles ranging from lightweight cars to heavy trucks are also equipped with turbochargers. We provide bearings for high-performance turbochargers, designed to meet the n...
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    Characteristics of WSBC Eccentric Bearings

    Eccentric bearing is a very important bearing in cycloid needle gear reducer,Eccentric bearing is a very useful bearing type.It mainly includes the outer ring, the inner ring, the rolling basket and the rolling body. The eccentric bearing is simple in structure and easy to use. The eccentric function can be realized without the eccentric shaft, which reduces the manufacturing cost of the eccentric mechanism. Eccentric ...
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    Understanding The Basic Structure Of WSBC Bearing Production

    Roller bearings developed on the basis of roller bearings, whose working principle is to replace sliding friction with rolling friction, generally consists of two ferrules, a group of rolling elements and a cage, which is very versatile, standardized and highly serialized Mechanical basic parts. Due to the different working conditions of various machines, various requirements are imposed on the rolling bearing in terms o...
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    WSBC Excavator Bearings

    Excavator bearings include: excavator travel bearings, excavator slewing bearings, excavator needle bearings, excavator gearbox bearings, excavator travel motor bearings, excavator travel drive bearings, excavator articulated bearings, excavator slewing bearing and Inch non-standard bearings used on the excavator. Introduction Editor The installation and disassembly method of the excavator bearing should be deter...
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    Structure And Installation of WSBC Brand Tapered Roller Bearing

    The type code of tapered roller bearings is 30000, and tapered roller bearings are separate bearings. Under normal circumstances, especially between the outer ring and the inner component of the tapered roller bearing in the size range involved in GB / T307.1-94 "Tolerances of Radial Bearing Radial Bearings" are 100% interchangeable.The angle of the outer ring and the diameter of the outer raceway have been standardized with...
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    Coordination of WSBC Bearings

    For the thin-walled rings of extra-light and ultra-light series bearings, the proper tight fit can be used to make the bearing rings evenly stressed during operation, so that the bearing capacity of the rolling elements of the bearings can be fully exerted. However, the selected WSBC bearing should not be too tight, because the elastic expansion of the inner ring and the shrinkage of the outer ring will reduce the internal c...
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    Selection And Use Of WSBC Bearings

    Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd has enough stock for bearings,today let us learn to use of WSBC bearings 1. Selection of bearing model: The bearing model is generally selected by the user'stechnical staff based on the use conditions and load bearing of the supporting products. Business personnel mainly understand whether the actual load of the user is consistentwith the selected WSBC bearing. If the bearing fails to ...
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    Common Load Forms Of Turntable Bearings

    The turntable bearing is derived from the need for low speed and heavy load and the large size and large angle of rotation. To put it plainly, the turntable bearing is a comprehensive load that can withstand large axial loads, radial loads and overturning moments at the same time. Large-scale bearings with special structure of rotation, transmission, fixed and other functions in one. The turntable bearing device can withstan...
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    WSBC Tapered Roller Bearings

    Tapered roller bearings are separate bearings. The inner and outer rings of the bearings have tapered raceways. This type of bearing is divided into different structural types such as single-row, double-row and four-row tapered roller bearings according to the number of rollers installed. Single row tapered roller bearings can withstand radial loads and axial loads in one direction. When the bearing is subjected to a radial ...
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    Analysis of Surface Roughness of Cylindrical Roller Bearing

    In the grinding process of cylindrical roller bearings, the working surface is ground by a high-speed rotating grinding wheel, so if you do not operate and adjust the equipment according to the operation instructions during grinding, all kinds of roughness will appear on the bearing working surface Degree defect, which affects the overall quality of the bearing. Cylindrical roller bearings in precision grinding, due to the h...
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    What Are The Main Factors Affecting The Vibration Of Tapered Roller Bearings

    The vibration system composed of steel, flexibility, mass, damping, etc. determined by the design parameters of the bearing structure will generate vibrations that are compatible with its mechanics under operating conditions. The vibration caused by the deviation in the manufacturing process, the smaller the deviation, the smaller the vibration. The roundness, waviness and surface roughness of the surface of the steel bal...
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    Standard for Cylindrical Roller Bearings

    Bearing is an important part of modern machinery and equipment.Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce its friction coefficient in the process of motion, and ensure its rotation accuracy. According to the different frictional properties of moving elements, bearings can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings.Among them, the rolling bearing has been standardized and serialized,...
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    Common Failure Modes And Countermeasures Of Spark Rolling Bearings

    The correct and reasonable use of bearings is a systematic project. In the process of bearing structure design, manufacturing and installation, corresponding measures are taken for the links that produce early failures, which can effectively increase the service life of bearings and the host. 1. Peeling from the extreme position of one side of the channel The spalling at the extreme position of one side of the c...


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