Single row cylindrical roller bearings: traditional industry has new wisdom

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We often say that don’t look at each other for three days. The truth is understandable, but when they act, they tend to preconceive inherent stereotypes. This is the case for everyone, and so is the country, and some German industrialists have said firmly: China can never make our cylindrical roller bearings with gaskets. As a result, Professor Neil Ferguson of Stanford University in the United States issued an article annoying this self-deceiving behavior. He said that China is likely to be comparable to the United States in science and technology innovation, and even reached some of the pinnacles of the scientific community.



Cylindrical roller bearings, as its name implies, is to support the parts of the rotating shaft or linear motion shaft. From nuclear submarines to electric fans, everything that needs to rotate requires bearings. Without Single row cylindrical roller bearings, missiles cannot be lifted off, aircraft cannot go to the sky, warships cannot go to sea, and tanks cannot attack. Bearings are essential or core components in much military equipment.


During the war, Cylindrical roller bearings manufacturers were among the targets targeted by the hostile nation. During the Cold War of the last century, bearing-specific equipment was one of the embargoed materials for the economic blockade imposed by western countries on socialist countries. Until now, many bearing products and technologies have still been included in the technical blockade by many military powers.


For foreign countries, where the high-end Cylindrical roller bearings with spacers comes from is not a problem at all. For the mighty United States, its special forces will also import light weapons from Germany, and the Navy will import MT30 gas turbines from Britain. Britain and Germany also import artillery precision forging machines from Austria. In the Western world, the division of labor and cooperation between countries is normal. Each developed country has some outstanding companies, each with its own "perfect life." Because lands previously belonged to NATO or the European Union, they formed a delicate balance by coincidence. Few people break the situation and grab others' jobs.


Changing to China has become a big problem. In 1985, the engine supporting the Chinese Air Force F-8II fighter had a short life of the main Single row cylindrical roller bearings. The first repair life of the driver could not be guaranteed for 200 hours. This is still China's aviation bearing. The results of great efforts by scientific researchers.



The principal bearing life of turbofan engines used by third-generation fighters such as F-15 and F-16 in Western countries at that time has reached the same experience as the engine, and the service life can reach thousands of hours. The vast difference in performance has caused China's domestic high-end aerospace bearing field to be mainly imported bearings. Still, due to the western embargo on military bearing products, we can only hold bearings with inferior technology.


For this reason, after entering the 21st century, China has issued a series of policies to support the development of the bearing industry. By 2014, China's bearing production has reached 19.6 billion sets, ranking third in the world. We produce the smallest Cylindrical roller bearings with spacers with a diameter of 0.6 mm and the largest diameter of 11 meters. It is not only for personal use but also exported to world-renowned industries such as Sweden's SKF, Schaeffler in Germany, and NSK in Japan. According to the plan, by 2020, China's bearings will achieve 90% autonomy of wind turbine bearings; by 2025, the independence of high-speed precision CNC machine tools and high-speed EMUs will reach 90%; by 2030, The autonomy rate should reach 90%.


China's gap in the Cylindrical roller bearings with spacers field is much smaller than the chip, and the industrial base is also much better. In the foreseeable future, we are fully capable of catching up with the advanced world level in most fields. At that time, not only Western people but even Western arms dealers may come to buy high-end cylindrical roller bearings in China.

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