The Gap Between Domestic And Imported Spherical Roller Thrust Bearing Technologies And Applications

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Spherical Roller Thrust Bearing play a decisive role in China's industrial production applications. As far as bearing production is concerned, although China's spherical roller thrust bearing industry has the third-largest economy in the world in terms of the economic scale, the technology and product accuracy have always been very high compared with imported bearings Big gap.

Quality difference of domestic spherical roller thrust bearing:

Many tests at home and abroad show that the processing quality of cages, ferrules, and steel balls has different degrees of influence on bearing vibration. The processing quality of stainless steel ball bearings has the most significant effect on bearing vibration, followed by the processing quality of ferrules, which has the most critical impact. The factors are the roundness, surface roughness, and bump damage of the steel ball and the bushing.


The most prominent problem of China's stainless steel ball bearings is the large dispersion of vibration values and severe surface defects (single points, group points, pits, etc.). Although the surface roughness, size, shape, and error are not lower than the level outside the circle, the set The rear bearing has a high vibration value and even produces abnormal noise. The main problem is that the waviness is not controlled (no standard and no proper testing and analysis instruments). At the same time, it shows that the vibration resistance of the machine tool is weak. There are problems with the grinding wheel, grinding disc, coolant, and process parameters. On the other hand, it is necessary to improve the management level to avoid quality problems such as bumps, scratches, and burns.

For ferrules, the most severe influence on bearing vibration is also channel waviness and surface roughness. For example, when the roundness of the inner and outer channels of small and medium-sized deep groove ball bearings is more excellent than two μm, it will have a significant impact on bearing vibration. When the inner and outer channel waviness is more significant than 0.7 μm, the bearing vibration value increases with the increase of the waviness, and the channel is severely scratched. It can improve the vibration by more than 4dB, and even strange noises appear.


1. The difference in material:

World Steel looks at China, China Steel looks at Hebei, but this only refers to crude steel output. This is also the reason for the decline in the world economy in recent years, excess domestic steel production capacity, and sluggish steel prices. Alloy steel has always been the shortboard of the local steel industry, and high-end metallurgical technology is strictly confidential to us from developed countries. Besides, the lack of research and development by domestic steel companies has caused the congenital deficiency of China's bearings and even industrial technology. The gap in industrial technology.

2. The gap in production technology:

Here, I talk about my thoughts. The production process is the most critical link in industrial technology. It is a cyclic process that changes quantitatively and qualitatively. Taking machine tools as an example, bearings have a significant impact on the accuracy of machine tools. The primary customer group of high-end precision bearings is machine tool spindle bearings. However, the life and efficiency of domestic precision bearings have a massive gap with different bearings.

3. The difference in industrial technology:

The social status of skilled workers and even engineers are not respected (this situation has changed a lot in recent years). The development of China's education industry is uneven, and technical education has not received the attention it deserves. As a result, young people would rather be white-collar workers doing nothing than working in the production line. At the same time, it has led everyone to start a business in China today. Most small and micro-bearing factories and bearing companies do not have high-quality technical personnel and can only produce some uncompetitive low-end bearing products — production equipment gap.

Future domestic bearing improvement directions


Improved in four areas:

(1) Economic cleanliness

Under the premise of financial considerations, further enhance the purity of the steel, reduce the oxygen and titanium content in the steel, Reduce the content and size of inclusions in iron, and improve the uniformity of distribution.

(2) High toughness of spherical roller thrust bearing

Improve the toughness of bearing steel through the research of new alloying, hot rolling process optimization, and heat-treatment process.

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