Method for Solving Noise of Slewing Bearing

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Method for Solving Noise of Slewing Bearing

The slewing bearing is a new type of mechanical component. It consists of inner and outer rings, rolling elements, etc. The slewing bearing is a significant bearing capable of bearing large loads and can simultaneously carry large axial and radial loads and overturning moments.


Slewing bearings are widely used in the real industry. They are called "joints of machines." They are mechanical institutions that need to perform relative rotary motion between two objects, and also need to bear axial force, radial force and tipping moment — necessary important transmission parts. With the rapid development of the machinery industry, slewing bearings have been widely used in marine equipment, engineering machinery, light industrial machinery, metallurgical machinery, medical machinery, industrial machinery, and other industries.


In many working environments, slewing bearings are required to reduce noise as much as possible while not affecting work efficiency. Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd. provides you with some methods to solve the slewing bearing noise:


There are two standard solutions to the sound of slewing bearings: dust and scars.


(1) The control method of dust sound

When there is foreign matter such as dust in the slewing bearing, non-periodic vibration occurs. This is the sound of the earth, and the magnitude of vibration and noise is variable and sometimes absent. Dust sound control method: Improve the cleaning method of slewing bearings. Before installation, clean the bearings, shafts, seat holes and matching parts strictly; remove foreign objects in the lubricant; improve the sealing of the bearings; avoid using raw or embedded materials Plastic support frame with external objects.


(2) The control method of scar sound

If the rolling surface of the slewing bearing is cracked, indented or rusted, periodic vibration and noise such as riveting rivets will occur. The period may be fixed, but most of them have a corresponding relationship with the rotation speed. The flaws will continue on the channel. Occurrence, the scars appear from time to time on the steel ball, and this noise will change with the installation and lubrication conditions. Control methods for this kind of sound: Do not knock on the bearing during installation, prevent the bearing from being tilted when the bearing and shaft are assembled and then installed in the bearing seat; prevent bearing corrosion when in stock and to avoid shock and vibration during transportation; use high viscosity grease.


(3) Noise caused by lubrication factors and its countermeasures

The wrong choice of lubricant, insufficient lubricant, or aging can cause vibration and sound in the slewing bearing, and this noise has no regular pattern. In this case, only the appropriate oil can be selected, the amount of oil can be adjusted, the service life of the lubricant can be extended, and the replacement cycle must be reasonably determined.


(4) Noise related to the host and its countermeasures

The bearing does not merely cause this kind of sound, so it is not useful to find the cause from the bearing alone. It is necessary to pay full attention to the cost and improve the performance of the host if needed. Everyday noises in electric motors include beep sounds and frame resonance sounds. The axial vibration of the motor shaft will cause a lot of high-frequency noise, similar to a buzzer, and its frequency is the same as the axial vibration frequency, which can be constant or variable. The beep sound is prevented in the same way as the axial vibration. When the axial bending vibration of the bearing frame, a kind of noise called resonance sound is generated. The solution to this problem is to increase the axial natural frequency of the external ring mass system, destroy the resonance conditions, and reduce noise.

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