WSBC Bearing Assembly Problem

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WSBC Bearing Assembly Problem

Bearings are used to support components, and are also used to support the rotating parts on the shaft. The types of bearings are divided into friction properties: sliding bearings and rolling bearings; according to the direction of load: radial bearings, propulsion bearings, and centripetal thrust Bearings, etc. Whether the bearing is installed well or not will affect the accuracy, life and performance of the bearing. Therefore, it is very important to be familiar with the various parts of the bearing and to assemble the bearing in the correct way.

Precautions for WSBC bearing installation

The glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 cage used in WSBC bearings is suitable for a steady-state operating temperature of 120 degrees. The bearings are lubricated with oil. If the oil contains additives, it may shorten the life of the cage. If the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, CNPC will shorten the aging life of the cage. And should arrange to observe the oil change.

The grease filling requirement of the sealed bearing and the required allowable temperature of the contact seal life. Cutting set temperature and cutting chip temperature, using experimental methods, through one tool, WSBC bearing can be used to calculate the distribution of heat transfer and temperature field theory to determine this piece, with determination.

Sealed WSBC bearings use specially tested high-quality lithium grease. This grease can withstand a short period of a high temperature of 120 degrees. If the stable temperature is 70 degrees or higher, the service life of standard lithium grease will be shortened.

To always work at high temperatures, you must use a special grease, but also pay attention to the need to use heat-resistant materials for sealing. The temperature of the standard contact seal should not exceed 110 degrees.

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If you use a high-temperature sealing composite material, then you have to consider this very effective fluorine-containing material above 300 degrees, which will release gas and smoke harmful to your health. Especially when disassembling the bearing torch, pay more attention to this point.

The contact area between the WSBC bearing workpiece and the cutting tool, due to the effect of heat forming the temperature of the hot end, and the final side of the tool and the workpiece, maintain room temperature to form the cold end of the thermocouple. The term electromotive force generated by the tool and the workpiece during the cycle. Meter or millivolt potential difference, forcing the recording, according to the pre-calibrated thermocouple calibration curve tool, the contact surface of the tool and the workpiece with the average cutting temperature of the WSBC bearing can be measured by the workpiece.

In order to ensure that the deformation of the WSBC bearing installation roller is small, the amount of interference can not be too large, high-speed centrifugal force and high-temperature thermal expansion, or offset with the surface of normal pressure. Or surface relaxation, the interference must be considered under the premise that these two factors are calculated carefully under the interference of constant speed and effective amount of high-speed WSBC bearings, which may be invalid at room temperature.

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Factors to consider when assembling WSBC bearings

1. In the direction of the radial gap at different angles, there is no external load, and the radial distance of the arithmetic radial limit position from one extreme to the opposite eccentric position with respect to another ring to the opposite eccentric position means the radial distance with the symbol G Gap representation.

2. There is no external load, relative to other rings, the arithmetic axial position of the axial distance from one extreme to the opposite extreme position. Axial clearance means axial clearance, with a sign.

3. The actual width of the WSBC bearing (bearing width, use the symbol "He"), it refers to the limited width of the actual endpoint of the intersection of the two tangent planes between the bearing axis and the support. With tapered roller bearings, the ring is the real face, the outer ring of the outsole.

4. The selected subsectors are selected to measure the deviation of the actual size one by one. The diameters of a group of ring channels with similar deviations are matched, and the number of parts is divided into several groups. The difference between the size of the packet size and the size of the radial gap is based on tolerance. WSBC bearing rings are generally poorly sorted in size, and grouping according to the radial clearance error less than 1/3 is appropriate. Considering precise matching, the thinner the better, the better the difference between groups, but due to workplace conditions, the difference between groups cannot be too small.

WSBC bearings are considering not only the above factors but also the thermal elongation of the shaft procedures. The WSBC bearing is in working condition and the gap at the optimal working temperature. This gap includes the rapid removal of the outer ring ball groove center and the precise alignment of the country form. Due to the low internal friction and sliding bearings of high-speed WSBC, it is best not to use the inner ring and outer ring to adjust the WSBC bearing gap in the axial direction.

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