How to choose grease reasonably?

Time:2018.04.24  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

When choosing grease, the function of grease should be clarified first. As anti-friction grease, the range, load and speed of high and low temperature are considered. As a protective grease, the protective properties and stability of metal and non-metal are considered. As a seal grease, the compatibility between the grease and the seal material should be considered.

In general, according to the design and working conditions of the machine, the following factors should be considered when choosing grease.

1.Operating temperature . The working temperature of the lubrication point has a great influence on the lubrication and service life of the grease, for high ambient temperature and high mechanical operation temperature, high temperature resistant grease should be used.

2.Operating speed. The higher the running speed of the lubricating part, the greater the shear stress of the grease. And high speed machine parts temperature rise fast, easy to make the grease become thin and lose,therefore, heavy grease should be used.

3.The bearing load . For heavy duty lubrication points, the grease with high base oil viscosity and high thickening agent should be selected. If borne both heavy load and impact load , the lubricating grease with higher extreme pressure and abrasion resistance should be selected.

4.Environmental conditions.Environmental conditions refer to the working environment of the lubrication point and the mechanical working environment of the surrounding medium.Water resistant grease should be used in humid environment.In a dusty environment, thick, graphite grease can be used...

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