Why Choose WSBC Sealed Spherical Roller Bearing

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Why Choose WSBC Sealed Spherical Roller Bearing

In many practical applications, the friction is halved, the speed is doubled, no longer lubrication is needed during the service life, and the maintenance cost is actually reduced.A novel seal design, code-named "CS", reduces total bearing friction by up to 20%.In a typical operation, a reduction in friction of around 20% would mean savings of up to 145 KWH per year.For a typical gearless tractor in a heavy lift, replacing the two existing sealed spherical roller bearing with new, optimized sealed bearings can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 100kg per year.

Spherical roller bearings have two rows of rollers, a common spherical raceway on the outer ring, and two inner ring raceways, tilted relative to the bearing shaft.The spherical center point in the outer ring raceway is located on the bearing shaft.

Therefore, the bearing is a self-aligning bearing, which is insensitive to the median error between the shaft and the bearing seat, which may be caused by shaft deviation and other factors.Spherical roller bearings are designed to withstand radial and axial loads in both directions. ·2CS: Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber contact sealing ring with steel framework on both sides of the bearing.Need WSBC 23024-2CS,click here to learn more

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The new optimized sealed bearings reduce carbon dioxide emissions by two tons over the entire life cycle of the tractor.The rub reduction means that the bearings can operate at temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius and below, and the high speed will be twice as fast as the existing WSBC sealed spherical roller bearings.The reduced working temperature of the bearing extends the service life of the bearing grease, and the lubrication interval is twice as large as the existing design, which also means that many current applications will no longer need lubrication.

The seal friction of the bearing decreases, which reduces the working temperature and extends the interval of relubrication.Double the rated speed.As a result, more applications can benefit from the pollution protection of WSBC sealed spherical roller bearings.The recolubriation interval prolongation time doubles the amount of grease used greatly reduces.Need WSBC 24015-2CS,click here.

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1) Improve effective running time and productivity

2) Reduce maintenance and operation costs

3) Very high power output

4) Reduce security costs

5) Reduce grease consumption

6) A safe working environment

7) Save space

8)Low environmental

Widely used in:Polishing machine, ironing table, setting machine, thread dividing machine, needle detector, drawing machine, sewing machine, embroidery machine, keyhole machine, laminating machine, finishing machine, blanking machine, stitching machine, needle detector, needle detector, washing machine, cloth breaking machine, overlock machine, ammonia compressor, building materials machinery, machine, fur the system equipment, water ring compressor, flat seaming machine, cutting machine, gluing machine, piston compressor, cutting machine, shoe-making machinery, drum type black liquor extraction machine, sewing equipment, sewing machine, boiler, sewing equipment, two phase flow slurry pump, motor, high pressure compressor, papermaking machinery, chemical machinery, before sewing equipment, printing machinery, the slurry pool propeller, cutting machine, refrigerator compressor, air conditioning compressor, leather processing machinery, the winding machine

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