Anti-rust Lubrication of Spark Bearings

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Anti-rust Lubrication of Spark Bearings

    As a metal product, the bearing will inevitably produce rust. At this time, it needs to be properly maintained and rust-proof. Scientific and effective maintenance can greatly increase the service life of a bearing and can well reduce the failures during the use of machinery. Frequency is very helpful to daily production.

    Cleaning must select the appropriate method according to the nature of the surface of the anti-rust and the conditions at that time. Commonly used are solvent cleaning method, chemical treatment cleaning method and mechanical cleaning method.

    After the surface of the Spark bearing is dry and cleaned, it can be dried with filtered dry compressed air, or dried with a dryer at 120 to 170°C, or it can be dried with clean gauze. 

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    Several methods of common antirust lubrication in the application of Spark Bearings

Method of applying anti-rust oil

    Immersion method:

    Some small items are immersed in anti-rust grease, so that a layer of anti-rust grease adheres to the surface. The thickness of the oil film can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of the anti-rust grease.


    It is used for outdoor construction equipment or special shaped products that are not suitable for soaking or spraying. When brushing, pay attention to not generating accumulation, but also to prevent missed coating.

    Spray method:

    Some large anti-rust materials can not be oiled by immersion. Generally, filtered compressed air with a pressure of about 0.7Mpa is sprayed in a clean air place. The spray method is suitable for solvent-diluted anti-rust oil or thin-layer anti-rust oil, but must adopt perfect fire prevention and labor protection measures.

   Several methods of common antirust lubrication in the application of Spark bearings

What are the main factors affecting metal corrosion?

    Metal corrosion is caused by a variety of internal and external factors, which can be summarized as follows: ① the chemical composition and structure of the metal material itself; ② the surface finish of the metal (corrosion of the battery with poor oxygen concentration); ③ the solution in contact with the metal surface Composition and pH; ④Ambient temperature and humidity; ⑤Various environmental media in contact with metal surfaces.   

    Several methods of common antirust lubrication in the application of Spark bearings

Why does hand sweat cause corrosion of Spark Bearings?

    Human sweat is a colorless transparent or light yellow liquid with salty taste and weak acidity, and its pH value is 5~6. In addition to containing sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium salts, it also contains a small amount of organic acids such as urea, lactic acid, and citric acid. When sweat contacts metal, a sweat film will form on the metal surface, and the sweat film will cause electrochemical action on the metal and corrode the metal.

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Several methods of common antirust lubrication in the application of Spark Bearings

   1. Solid lubrication

   Under some special use conditions, adding a small amount of solid lubricant to the grease, such as adding 3~5% of No. 1 molybdenum disulfide can reduce wear and improve the pressure resistance and heat resistance, for high temperature, high pressure, high vacuum, corrosion resistance , Radiation resistance, and extremely low temperature and other special conditions, adding solid lubricants to engineering plastics or powder metallurgy materials can be made into self-lubricating Spark bearing parts, such as using a binder to bind the solid lubricant to the roller Lubrication film is formed on the track, cage and rolling element, which has certain effect on reducing friction and wear.

   2. Oil lubrication:

   Viscosity is an important characteristic of lubricating oil. The size of the viscosity directly affects the fluidity of the lubricating oil and the thickness of the oil film formed between the friction surfaces. The viscosity of the lubricating oil under bearing operating temperature is generally 12-15cst. The higher the speed, the lower the viscosity, and the heavier the load, the higher the viscosity. Commonly used lubricants include mechanical oil, high-speed mechanical oil, steam turbine oil, compressor oil, transformer oil, cylinder oil, etc.

Several methods of common antirust lubrication in Spark Bearing application

Oil lubrication method

    a. Oil bath lubrication

    Oil bath lubrication is the most common lubrication method, suitable for the lubrication of low and medium speed bearings. Part of the bearing is immersed in the oil groove. The lubricating oil is taken up by the rotating bearing parts, and then the oil flows back to the oil groove. The oil surface should be slightly lower than the minimum rolling The center of the body.    

    b. Oil drip lubrication

    Oil drip lubrication is suitable for bearing parts that need to be supplied with a fixed amount of lubricating oil. The amount of oil drip is generally one drop every 3-8 seconds. Too much oil will cause the bearing temperature to increase.   

    c. Circulating oil lubrication

    Use the oil pump to transfer the filtered oil to the bearing parts, and then use the lubricating oil after filtering and cooling after filtering. Because circulating oil can take away a certain amount of heat and cool the Spark bearings, this method is suitable for bearing parts with higher speeds.

    d. Spray lubrication

    The dry compressed air is mixed with lubricating oil through a sprayer to form an oil mist. In the jet bearing, the airflow can effectively cool the bearing and prevent the intrusion of impurities. This method is suitable for the lubrication of high-speed, high-temperature bearing components.  

    e. Jet lubrication

    Use the oil pump to shoot high-pressure oil into the bearing through the nozzle, and the oil injected into the bearing flows into the oil groove through the other end of the bearing. When the bearing rotates at a high speed, the rolling elements and the cage also form a flow of surrounding air at a relatively high rotation speed. It is difficult to send the lubricating oil to the SPACK bearing by the general lubrication method. Oil is sprayed into the bearing, and the position of the nozzle should be placed between the inner ring and the center of the cage.

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