Using WSBC bearing have any requirements

Time:2018.01.09  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Preferred to have a good understanding of mechanical device used in bearing parts, premise to choose appropriate WSBC bearing, to obtain the following several aspects of the data and material:

1, Mechanical device functions and structure

2, The use of bearing parts

3, Bearing load (size and direction)

4, Rotating speed

5, Vibration and impact

6, Bearing temperature (temperature, temperature rise around)

7 And the surrounding atmosphere (corrosive, clean sex, lubricate) bearing the usually choice of the ways of configuration.

WSBC bearing shaft is based on two bearing in radial and axial for support, at this point, will be on one side of the bearing called fixed side bearings, it bear radial and axial two kind of load, the fixed axis and bearing box of the relative axial displacement between the role.

The other side will be called free side, only bear radial load, axial can move relative to solve because the temperature change and produce the axis of the topic and the installation of the expansion of the bearing interval error.

For fixed side bearings, required to choose available in axial moving rolling surface (such as cylindrical roller bearing) or to assembly face mobile (such as centripetal ball bearing) bearings.

In short axis, fixed side and freedom without any other side, using only one-way fixed axis move to bearing (such as heart to thrust ball bearing). Bearing types of selected choose bearing type, a comprehensive grasp of the bearing conditions of use is the most important.

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