Bearing unit of papermaking machinery

Time:2018.01.08  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

The bearing unit of paper machinery is the combination of special bearing for paper machinery and adapter sleeve , it is helpful to installation , position and using .

Adapter sleeve can make the bearings running smoothly as an necessory of internal cone hole, and it must be high precision with longer life . Most important 4 parameters are as followings :

1 . The redial beating times of external for adapter sleeve and internal hole needs  to be high precision , avoiding the centrifugal force produced  by rotating shaft's deviation , can not be running smoothly , great vibration , high noise . The perfect axial beating quantity is "0" .

2. The straight lines's degree of external adapter sleeve and internal hole must be appropriate , as the national standard : D1mp-d3mp , the different measurement of upper deviation is + 0.018-0.09, the lower deviatio is "0", means that the form tolerance and cylindricity precision must be great .

3. The straight line's degree of external adapter sleeve and internal hole must be appropriate , and the form tolerance should be little , also cylindricity precision must be high .

4. The thread cooperation between nuts and adapter sleeve bushing must meet the national standard .

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