The Overview of Spherical Plain Bearings

Time:2018.01.10  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Spherical plain bearings mainly consist of a inner ring with spherical outer surface and a outer ring with inner spherical surface , it can withstand heavy load. Depending on its different type and structure , it can bear radial load, axial load , and combined load of radial and axial directions. Since its outer sphere of the inner ring is encrusted with composite materials , the bearing can produce self-lubrication at work.
Since the spherical sliding contact area of joint bearing is large , the tilt Angle is big , at the same time, most Spherical plain bearing has adopted special processing method , like alramenting , galvanization , chromeplate or outer sliding surface lining, inserts, spraying, etc . therefore, it has greater load capacity and impact resistance , it also has the characteristics of anti - corrosion, wear - resistant, self - aligning, lubricating or self - lubricating. This bearing is generally used for low speed swing motion, It can also motion tilting at a certain Angle , when the supporting shaft and the shaft hole are not concentric , it still works.
Spherical plain bearings are widely used in engineering hydraulic cylinder, forging machine, engineering machinery, automation equipment,automobile shock absorber, hydraulic machinery and other industries.

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