Different States of Spherical Roller Bearings Damage

Time:2018.01.11  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Damage status of spherical roller bearings, such as: roller bearing ring guard card damage, as a reason to consider, lack of lubricant, not suitable for the defect of oil discharge structure, foreign invasion, bearing installation error, the deflection of the shaft is too large.

1, The Cavitation

The cavitation erosion of the core roller bearing is the form of surface damage caused by the contact between the solid surface and the liquid. When the lubricating oil in the oil film of low pressure area, oil will form bubbles, the bubbles move to high,bubble will be breaking under the action of air pressure,this will instant impact and high temperature, material on solid surface fatigue peeling under the effect of the impact of repeated, the friction surface appear small pits, and then developed into the cavernous scars. Heavy load, high speed, and a sliding bearing with large load and speed change, often cavitation;

2. Fluid Erosion

The fluid erosion of the core roller bearing is that the fluid impingement of the solid surface can cause fluid erosion, and the surface of the solid surface is punctate, and the surface of this kind damage is smooth.

3. Electric Erosion

Self-aligning roller bearing electrical erosion means due to the motor or electric leakage, produce electric spark between the bearing friction surface, caused by scar punctate on the friction surface.

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