The Influence Factors of Bearing Performance.

Time:2018.01.26  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

The service life and reliability of rolling bearings are closely related to the smelting quality of bearing steel.Due to the characteristics of bearing steel, the requirements for smelting quality are much stricter than general industrial steel, such as chemical composition, purity, organization and uniformity of steel.
1.Strict chemical composition requirements.Generally, bearing steel is mainly high carbon chromium bearing steel, namely carbon content 1% or so, add about 5% chromium, and contains a small amount of manganese, silica elements. The chromium can improve the heat treatment performance, improve the hardenability, the homogeneity of the structure, the tempering stability, and improve the rust resistance and grinding performance of the steel.
2.High precision size requires high precision of rolling bearing steel, this is because most of the bearing parts are molding under pressure. Most of the bearing rings are forged, steel balls are formed by cold heading or hot rolling. and the small size roller is also formed by cold upsetting.If the dimensional accuracy of steel is not high, the size and weight of the material can not be accurately calculated, and the product quality of the bearing parts cannot be guaranteed, and the damage of the equipment and mold can be easily caused.
3.Bearing surface defects and internal defect requirements.For bearing steel, surface defects include crack, slag, burr, scar, oxide skin, etc. Internal defects include shrinkage cavity, bubble, white point, severe loose and segregation, etc.These defects have a great influence on the bearing's processing ,bearing performance and life , and it is clearly stipulated in the bearing material standard that these defects are not allowed.
4.Especially strict requirements for carbide inhomogeneity. In bearing steel, if the carbide distribution is not uniform. In the process of heat treatment, it is easy to cause uneven organization and hardness, and the unevenness of steel structure has a great influence on the contact fatigue strength.

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