Some Misunderstandings on Quality Judgment of Roller Bearing and Ball Bearing

Time:2018.01.23  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

1. Judging bearing quality by whether the surface of the bearing is bright or not

In the process of selling roller bearings or ball bearings, many customers say that as long as the surface of the rolling bearing is bright, it is good quality, actually this is wrong. Rolling bearing surface should be the kind of glossy black, glossy black for this reason is whether the use of the rolling bearing steel standard and its grinding process and the use of cutting fluid.

2. Whether the chamfering is bright or not

The chamfering of the bearing does not determine the quality, but it reflects the processing method of the rolling bearing. The chamfer is black, means the heat treatment by quenching,can increase the hardness of rolling bearing. While some people think that the chamfer is black and has not been processed completely, which is a mistake.

3, the integral cage is better than the two body. Although the new process uses a integrated cage, it is only a material saving.

In general, the service life of the rolling bearing is related to 3 factors, fist is the quality of the rolling bearing itself. Second is the use of the environment. Third is the installation method.

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