Installation of Thrust Bearings

Time:2018.01.29  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd would like to teach you some knowledge about installation of thrust bearings. Hope to help you learn more about bearings.

Thrust bearings include four point contact ball bearings, double row (single row) angular contact ball bearings, two-way thrust cone and cylindrical roller bearings.

When four point angle ball bearing and double (single) angle touch ball bearings used as thrust bearing, cannot bear load in the radial direction.Therefore, the bore of the bearing seat relative to the parts of these bearings,its diameter should be about 0.5 millimeters larger than the outer diameter of the bearing,or the roll diameter is about 0.5 millimeters smaller than the inner diameter of the bearing.

When install,do not exchange the same type of circle,two way thrust cone or double direction thrust cylindrical roller bearing's middle circle,so as to hold the axial clearance.

When install the thrust bearing inner ring,the end face must be pressed tightly, and the axial need to be locked,in order to prevent its relative change in the roller,or the contact part will damage.

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