How to Install Split Spherical Roller Bearings

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How to Install Split Spherical Roller Bearings

Split roller bearings are mainly used for shafts supported by several points and positions that are difficult to access. Typical applications include transportation equipment, material handling equipment, ventilation equipment, steel rolling, shipbuilding and paper making. The installation of split spherical roller bearings is also an important part. Wuxi Spark Bearing Co., Ltd will share the knowledge about bearing installation based on the understanding of such bearings.

How to install split spherical roller bearings better

First of all, understand the replacement items and the installation characteristics and design features in split bearing housings:

1. Replace the bearing with suitable matching

Usually split spherical roller bearings replace non-split spherical roller bearings with suitable matching. The premise of replacement is the same outer diameter, outer ring width and diameter of the shaft seat.

2. Installation matters in split bearing housing

Split spherical roller bearings can be installed in split bearing housings without the need for additional machining of the bearing housings. If the internal dimensions are the same, this also applies to bearing housings produced by other manufacturers.

WSBC 231SM100-MA.jpg

(1) The installation space of the split spherical roller bearing (top) is the same as the installation space of the non-split spherical roller bearing (bottom) with suitable matching. Therefore, it is very easy to replace the bearing.

(2) Simple inspection, fast and simple installation.

(3) The internal design of the bearing with integrated tightening ring is the same as the proven E1 design.

(4) Split spherical roller bearing with split solid cage made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide or yellow steel, with integrated locking ring.

(5) Split spherical roller bearings with separate and split ring for special occasions.

3. Bearing design features

(1) Split spherical roller bearings have a cylindrical inner hole. The inner ring, outer ring and cage with rollers are split in half. The split bearing rings are fixed together by screws.

(2) The internal design of most split spherical roller bearings is developed from the proven spherical roller bearing E1. The only difference is that some larger bearings have rigid central ribs on the inner ring.

(3) These bearings have a split solid cage made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide or brass (for high temperature suitability).

(4) Split spherical roller bearings have the normal tolerance of non-split radial bearings and the normal internal clearance of non-split spherical roller bearings with cylindrical bores (DIN 620).

(5) In most split spherical roller bearings, the locking ring is integrated in the inner ring.

Installation steps of split spherical roller bearings

1. Support the weight of the rotor;

2. Remove the bearing seat cover;

3. Disassemble the old bearing (should use a cutting machine to cut the non-split bearing with suitable matching);

4. Put half of the outer ring under the bearing seat, align it with the inner ring installed on the shaft, and then tighten the two inner rings with screws;

5. Install the remaining parts and install the upper half of the outer ring;

6. To make the bearing load, lower the shaft;

7. Install the upper part of the bearing housing.

Except split spherical roller bearings , we also supply special bearings for special application . For example WSBC A4VG90 ,23136CC/W33 see below bearing photos :

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