General knowledge of rolling bearings

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· Methods for hot mounting of bearing

Because the WSBC bearing in the production, there are impurities, there are metal chips, and the installation site is not necessarily clean, so put channel steel or spread metal mesh under the oil groove, then put the bearing, so that the oil-soaked the bearing. When the bearing is heated to 50~60℃ in the oil, turn the taking up and down to remove impurities. When domestic bearings reach 90℃, they are taken out; when imported bearings arrive 100℃, they are taken out. A little interference in the installation does not matter. When installing the shaft, hit the inner ring with a wooden or copper rod; When installing, tap on the outer ring.


·Matters needing attention after hot loading of bearing

After installation, move the outer ring, rotate to the maximum, included Angle, and then close and align. If there are impurities in the bearing, it is more difficult to straighten the WSBC bearing. When facing the bearing, find the verticality of the shaft. When there is no problem, close the box. After closing the box, a few people turn the shaft by hand. Then fill up the tank at one time so that the oil line is invisible to the oil mirror. Release the drain hole and drain the oil so that the oil line is between 1/2 and 2/3 of the oil level. Once again, make sure the tank is clean. If there is no mistake, the machine can be started. After rotating for more than ten minutes, the engine will be shut down for inspection.

·The role of the cage is to guide

Copper protection of excellent heat dissipation, slight deformation can be restored automatically. Steel protection bearings should be installed with care because they do not automatically recover. The installation requirements are strict, but the service life is longer than copper.


·Maintenance problems, water cycle, do not cause water shortage

Often pay attention to the oil level, timely supplement oil, do not lack fuel.

According to the quality of oil, timely change the oil, the new bearing began to use the need to change the oil twice; Wash the bearings with gasoline or diesel when the machine stops, then turn the oil. Lack of oil, full oil damage to the bearing, the end result is the same. When the oil level is high, sufficient cooling space cannot be guaranteed. When the oil level is low, sufficient lubrication and heat dissipation cannot be guaranteed.

·Equipment damage is shown on the bearing, but not necessarily the bearing problem

Check the bearing first, then expand to others. Any manufacturer does not guarantee the service life of the bearing, because of the bearing from the production, installation, use, and maintenance of all aspects. Any link appears the problem is not okay. Fan bearings require careful use, because with a massive load, and instantly come here a lot of dust. For high-speed rotating equipment, a bit of dust is not okay.


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