Installation and selection of bearings

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Many are engaged in the mechanical industry of the novice, will feel that the installation of bearing is not a very simple thing!


Directly the bearing sleeve to the shaft can be if the jacket does not go up. They instantly hard hit the bearing until the bearing into the cylinder.

This doesn't seem right. The inner ring and retainer of the WSBC rolling bearing are easily damaged. If not found promptly, the damaged bearing will be installed into the mechanical equipment, causing the failure and shutdown of the machine.

• we should notice the following points when installing bearings:

1. Awareness of prevention and protection

Rolling bearing plays a significant role in ensuring the regular operation of the machine, with high machining accuracy and surface roughness.

Bearing cage, sealing ring, dust cover, and other parts are easy to deformation if the installation of excessive force will lead to the destruction of these parts, and then the bearing can not work correctly.

Pressure cannot be transferred through the rolling body to avoid indentation on the working surface of the bearing. The force should be applied to the end face of the tight-fitting ring.

2. Installation of WSBC tapered bore bearing

Taper hole bearing directly to the taper of the journal can be installed.

Tapered bore bearings are generally fitted to the shaft.

When the WSBC bearing enters the conical journal, the radial clearance of the bearing is reduced due to the expansion of the inner ring, so the consent can be adjusted by controlling the distance from the bearing to the conical journal.

3. Installation of WSBC thrust bearing

The shaft ring of the thrust bearing is a transition fit with the shaft, and the seat ring and rack hole are a clearance fit, so this kind of bearing is relatively easy to assemble.

But two - way thrust bearings, the need for axial fixation.


• The elements factors should be taken into consideration when choosing.

1. Bearing load

The size, direction, and nature of carrying burden are the primary basis for choosing bearing type.

(1) The scope and quality of the amount;

Heavy or impact duty, should choose roller bearing.

(2) Load direction

For pure radial load, deep groove ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing or needle roller bearing can be used.

The thrust bearing is optional for the pure axial load.

When there is radial load and axial load, if the axial load is not too large, deep groove ball bearing or angular contact ball bearing with small contact Angle, tapered roller bearing can be chosen;

If the axial load is large, the two types of bearings with large contact Angle can be selected;

If the axial load is large, and the radial load is small, the thrust Angle contact bearing can be chosen, or the support structure of the radial bearing and the thrust bearing can be used.


2. Speed of bearing

(1) Ball bearing shall be preferred at high speed;

(2) With the same inner diameter, the smaller the outer diameter, the lower the centrifugal force.

Therefore, at high speed, it is appropriate to choose ultra-light, ultra-light series of bearings.

(3) The limit speed of thrust bearing is deficient, and the friction and heating are serious in high-speed operation. If the axial load is not very large, angular contact ball bearing or deep groove ball bearing can be used to bear the pure axial force.

3. Mind conditioning requirements

When the centerline of the shaft is not coincident with the centerline of the bearing due to manufacturing and installation error and other factors, when the axis of the inner and outer ring of the bearing is deflected due to force bending of the shaft, it is appropriate to choose the centering ball bearing or the centering roller bearing.

4. Allowed space

When radial space is limited, needle roller bearings or ultra-light, ultra-light diameter series bearings can be selected.

When axial dimensions are limited, smaller width dimensions, such as linear or extra-narrow width series bearings, can be selected.

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