Advantages and Disadvantages of Rolling Bearings

Time:2017.12.29  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

The rolling bearing is a kind of precise mechanical element that turns the sliding friction between the shaft and the axle seat into rolling friction, in order to reduce the friction . Ball bearings, roller bearings and needle roller bearings all belong to the rolling bearings.

Advantages of rolling bearings

1, the friction resistance and the power consumption are small, the mechanical efficiency is high, and is easy to start.

2, size standardization, interchangeability, easy to install and disassemble,easy to repair.

3. The structure is compact, the weight is light, and the axial size is narrower.
4. High precision, large load and long service life.
5. Some bearings have the performance of automatic heart adjustment.
6. It is suitable for mass production, the quality is stable and reliable,and the production efficiency is high.

7, the friction torque of the transmission is much lower than that of the fluid dynamic pressure bearing, so the friction temperature rise and the power consumption are low.

8, the axial size is less than the traditional fluid dynamic bearing.
9. The combined load of radial and thrust can be borne simultaneously.

10. Within a large load - velocity range, the unique bearing design can achieve excellent performance.Disadvantages of rolling bearings

1. The noise is great.
2. The structure of the bearing seat is complex.
3. The cost is high.
4. Even the bearings are lubricated well, installed correctly,well sealed, and the operation is normal, they will eventually fail because of the fatigue of the rolling contact surface.If you want to learn more about bearings, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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