The solution of Using WSBC tapered roller bearing fault

Time:2018.01.03  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

The solution of Using WSBC tapered roller bearing fault in the process of the bearings

Use factor is mainly refers to installation and adjustment, and use the maintenance, the maintenance and repair, etc is in accordance with the technical requirements. WSBC bearing according to installation, operation and maintenance, the maintenance requirements, on operation of circular cone roller bearings are under load, speed, working temperature, vibration and noise and lubrication condition monitoring and inspection, abnormal immediately find reason and adjustment, make it back to normal.

Installation conditions is one of the important factors to use factors, bearing for installation does not appropriate and often lead to a complete set of bearing the parts of the state change between stress, bearing in a normal state not work and end the using life.

Internal factors is mainly refers to structure design, manufacturing process and material quality decided to bearing the three factors of the quality.

Bearing material the metallurgical quality was influence the main factors of early bearing failure. As metallurgy technology (such as bearing steel vacuum deairing with etc) progress, raw material quality improved.Raw material quality factors in bearing failure analysis of the proportion of the has obviously decreased, but it is still WSBC bearing of the failure of one of the main influence factors

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