The Function of Bearing Lubrication

Time:2017.12.28  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Lubrication has important influence on fatigue life, abrasion, temperature and vibration of rolling bearing , without normal lubrication, the bearing cannot work. Based on analysis, about forty percent of the bearing damage is related to lubrication. So good lubrication of bearing is an effective measure to reduce friction and wear. The function of bearing lubrication can be briefly explained as follows:

   1. A layer of oil film is formed between the contact surface of the rolling surface or the sliding surface , this can help to separate the two surfaces and reduce the contact surface friction and wear.
   2. When using oil lubrication , the lubricating oil can remove most of the friction heat inside the bearing, which can be effective in cooling.
   3. When using grease lubrication , it can prevent external dust and other foreign objects enter into the bearing, plays the seal role.
   4. Lubricants have the effect of preventing metal rust.
   5. Prolong the fatigue life of the bearing.

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