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Sealed self-aligning ball bearings

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What are the Sealed self-aligning ball bearings?

Sealed self-aligning ball bearings are a common type of self-aligning ball bearings. The bearing seal ring is a kind of bearing seal, especially a ball bearing seal ring. The ball-bearing seal ring has two circular protrusions extending upward on one end surface of the circular ring. The bearing seal ring has the characteristics of preventing grease from catching fire, avoiding frequent oiling, and simple structure. It is widely used in bearings. Sealed self-aligning ball bearings have a contact seal on both sides that is made of oil and wear-resistant NBR and reinforced with a sheet steel insert (designation suffix 2RS). We can supply different cage types, such as Stamped steel, PA66 glass fiber reinforced, and Machined brass.

Sealed self-aligning ball bearings application

Sealed self-aligning ball bearings are widely used in the paper industry, Gear Box, Spinning machine, plastic machinery, medical equipment, and all kinds of industrial machinery.

Sealed self-aligning ball bearings Supplier:

Wuxi Spark Bearing Co., Ltd (Aka Spark Bearings) is the complete, one-stop Sealed self-aligning ball bearings supplier & manufacturer. All products are qualified and have passed the ISO 9001 qualification. Here are some popular types of Sealed self-aligning ball bearings: 2200-2RS, 2201-2RS, 2202-2RS. Feel free to get a quote from us by filling the contact form below.

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