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E type spherical roller bearings

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E type spherical roller bearings have two stamped window-type steel cages, an inner ring without flanges and a guide ring centred on the inner ring (d>65 mm) or on the cages (d >65 mm). They have an annular groove and three lubrication holes in the outer ring. E design bearings are indicated by the designation suffix E. All E design bearings have an optimized internal design for increased load carrying capacity. The middle retaining ring close to the outer ring can improve the lubrication of the contact between the roller end face and the retaining ring. Its role is to reduce bearing friction, help guide the roller in the non-load area, and help the roller enter the load area. The length of the sub is increased, so the rated load has been greatly improved. Usually rated load can be increased by 20% to 35% . E type spherical roller bearings  has especially high load capacity, features low torque, and has a high-strength cage. 

Applications of E type spherical roller bearings:

E type spherical roller bearings are widely used in Gear box,Wind Turbines,Pump,Fans and blowers, Mining equipment and construction machinery,Pulp and paper processing equipment,Ship and offshore equipment,Metallurgical industry equipment,Railway axle box and so on .

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