What is the difference between high-speed bearings and low-speed bearings

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We know that bearings are needed in many machines nowadays. Although these parts are challenging to distinguish from the outside, if you want the inside of the device to run frequently and continue to work, you mainly rely on these bearings.  There are many types of bearings. Bearings can be divided into two types according to speed, high-speed bearings, and low-speed bearings. And these bearings occupy a critical position in our industry today, and will even drive the development of trade. There are bearings in various electrical facilities in the cars we usually drive.

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What are the differences between high-speed bearings and low-speed bearings? Many people may misunderstand it. It is not that the rotation speed of the bearing itself is different, but that the internal structure of the bearing is different. Judging whether a bearing is a high-speed bearing or a low-speed bearing is divided according to its linear speed. Many low-speed bearings can reach tens of thousands of revolutions per minute, and some high-speed bearings, the number of rotations per minute is only a few hundred. In addition to their names and their linear speeds, there is another difference: their rotating structures are also different. Generally speaking, the rotating parts in low-speed bearings are round, some are cylindrical or even tapered. The central part of the high-speed bearing is the bearing bush.

At the same time, there are some differences between the two. Generally speaking, low-speed bearings have a rougher appearance, and the joints between parts are looser. To ensure its accuracy and its accuracy, high-speed bearings The degree of precision is generally very smooth on the surface. At the same time, the distance between the inner ring and the outer ring is minimal, and the accuracy of itself is much higher. Many high speed bearings are also super-precision bearings. High-speed bearings and super precision bearings must use special high speed bearing grease.


In terms of materials, there is also a slight difference between high-speed bearings and low-speed bearings. High-speed bearings are generally made of very high hardness steel, which can withstand the pressure caused by excessively high speeds. If it is low, some common materials are used, and there is no need to bear too much trouble, so the requirements for the hardness and durability of the material are relatively reduced.

Both low-speed and high-speed bearings are manufactured after a precise design by the designer and repeated inspections. Although its parts are tiny, its technological innovation and changes can often lead to the development of an industry, and its role cannot be underestimated. Therefore, if our daily use equipment contains a bearing part, we must be careful not to damage it; otherwise, it may cost a lot of maintenance costs.

What to do if the high-speed bearing is overloaded and hot?

(1). In the case of considerable size, large load, significant vibration, high speed or high operating temperature, the cooperation between the bearing and the shaft should be tighter!

(2). Use lubricating oil to reduce friction, large load, and high viscosity oil should be used when the working temperature is high; it is easy to form an oil film, thereby reducing heat generation! High-speed bearings and super precision bearings must use special high-speed bearing grease

Factors affecting the life of high-speed bearing shafts

The length of the bearing field test life is mainly determined by the design and matching of the bearing's structural parameters, as well as the product's manufacturing quality and process level. Still, there are also some "non-bearing" factors that will cause the reduction of bearing field service life and failure. The analysis of failed bearings mainly includes the following:

(1) The selection and installation of the angular contact ball bearings used by the spindle maintenance personnel in pairs.

(2) Repair and disassembly times of electric spindle. Multiple disassembly and assembly of the same set (group) of bearings will inevitably affect the service life of the bearings

(3) The old and new of the electric spindle and the structure and manufacturing quality of the electric axle produced by different manufacturers are different.

(4) The electrical failure of the main shaft itself, such as wet weather in the south, moisture in the electric main shaft housing, and the rotor shaft silicon steel sheet burned

(5) The lubricant for oil spray cooling contains impurities.

(6) Technical quality and sense of responsibility for machine tool operators. For example: In the test, due to operating errors many times, the oil was cut off, the grinding head entered the water, and the bearing was burned.

(7) Keep the bearings properly, such as severe bearing corrosion and bearing pollution.

(8) Professional high speed bearing grease must be used for carrying maintenance.

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