WSBC High Temperature Bearings

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WSBC High Temperature Bearings

There are many kinds of high temperature bearing, according to different needs, different environments, can be installed in different types of bearing.

WSBC high temperature bearings are widely used in metallurgy, furnace, glass, blast furnace, painting equipment and other high temperature operating machinery.

General structure high temperature bearing: it mainly refers to the bearings designed according to the common bearing structure, using high temperature resistant materials such as high temperature resistant bearing steel, etc., mainly include high temperature adjustable ball bearing, high temperature resistant deep groove ball bearing, etc.

High temperature self-aligning ball bearing: Two rows of steel balls guided by the retainer are arranged between the inner ring of two raceways and the outer ring with spherical raceways.The self-aligning ball bearing can bear large radial load and certain axial load at the same time.Need WSBC 6304 High temperature bearings,contact us freely


Bearing with ram steel retentive, lubricated with high quality white high temperature grease, can be used in temperature environment of -40 ℃ to +300℃.It can meet the working conditions within 300℃.

Bearings are usually manufactured to normal tolerances and have much greater clearance than ordinary bearings, so they are usually not suitable for high-speed operation.But it usually runs for a long time at 100 RPM.

High temperature resistant deep groove ball bearing: no internal retainer, only the rolling body composition;It can meet the working conditions of about 300℃, and it is produced according to the tolerances of ordinary grade. Moreover, the clearance is much larger than that of ordinary bearings, so it is usually not suitable for high-speed operation. It belongs to high temperature and low speed bearing, which can normally operate within 200 RPM for a long time.

In normal operation, the bearing should not appear stuck and noise abnormal phenomenon, at the same time, the imported high temperature bearing needs to withstand vibration, impact and other factors, the bearing material must have wear resistance, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance performance.

According to the special working conditions of imported high temperature bearing, the material of ring and ball should have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and non-magnetic.It is recommended to use G52# alloy as the ring material and Si3N4 or cermets as the ball material.

High temperature bearing with special structure: not only adopts high temperature resistant material, but also realizes the clearance automatic compensation under high temperature environment from the structure, such as spiral spring bearing.

High temperature grease is a kind of semi-synthetic lubricating oil thickened by compound soap and made by adding structure improvement agent, anti-oxygen preservative and special anti-wear preservative.Need WSBC 6202 High temperature bearings,contact us freely


High temperature bearing grease also has the following functions:

Excellent high temperature characteristics and air oxidation stability characteristics, to prevent the deterioration of lubricating grease at high temperature, ensure the lubrication parts long normal use at high temperature.

Excellent adhesion properties, excellent mechanical equipment stability and colloidal stability, to ensure the lubrication parts and not easy to reduce.

Excellent lubricity, protect sliding bearing to reduce wear;

Excellent comprehensive performance ensures long service life of sliding bearing.

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