Understanding The Basic Structure Of WSBC Bearing Production

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Understanding The Basic Structure Of WSBC Bearing Production

Roller bearings developed on the basis of roller bearings, whose working principle is to replace sliding friction with rolling friction, generally consists of two ferrules, a group of rolling elements and a cage, which is very versatile, standardized and highly serialized Mechanical basic parts. Due to the different working conditions of various machines, various requirements are imposed on the rolling bearing in terms of load capacity, structure and performance. For this reason, rolling bearings need to have various structures. However, the most basic structure is composed of inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements and cage.

The functions of various parts in WSBC bearings are as follows: For radial bearings, the inner ring usually tightly fits the shaft and runs with the shaft, and the outer ring usually has a transitional fit with the bearing seat or the mechanical housing hole to play a supporting role. However, in some cases, the outer ring is also running, the inner ring is fixed to support or the inner ring and the outer ring are running at the same time. For thrust bearings, the shaft ring is tightly fitted and moves together, and the bearing ring or mechanical housing hole is in transitional fit and supports the bearing ring. The rolling elements (steel balls, rollers or needles) are usually arranged evenly between the two ferrules for rolling movement by means of the cage. Its shape, size and number directly affect the bearing load capacity and performance. In addition to evenly separating the rolling elements, the cage can also guide the rotation of the rolling elements and improve the internal lubrication performance of the bearings.

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Due to the different types, structural types, tolerance grades, technical requirements, materials and batches of rolling bearings, the basic production process is not exactly the same.

First, the processing of various bearing main parts:

  1. The processing process of the ring: The processing of the inner ring and the outer ring of the WSBC bearing is different according to the raw material or the form of the blank. The process before turning can be divided into the following three types. The entire processing process is: Materials (some bars need to be forged, annealed and normalized)-Turning-Heat Treatment-Grinding-Lapping or Polishing-Final Parts Inspection-- -Anti-rust----into the warehouse----(to be matched with the package)

  2. The processing process of the steel ball, the processing of the steel ball also varies according to the state of the raw material.The steps before the frustration or smooth ball can be divided into the following three types, and the steps before the heat treatment can be divided into the following Two kinds, the entire processing process is: cold punching of bar or wire (some bars also need to be punched and annealed after cold punching)-frustration, rough grinding, soft grinding or smooth ball-heat treatment- ---Hard grinding----Fine grinding----Lapping or grinding----Final inspection grouping----Anti-rust, packaging----Warehousing (to be matched with package).

 3. The processing of rollersThe processing of rollers varies according to the raw materials.The processes before heat treatment can be divided into the following two types.The entire processing process is: bar turning or wire cold heading and stringing and soft grinding ----Heat treatment----string soft point----coarse grinding outer diameter----coarse grinding end face----final grinding end face----fine grinding outer diameter----final grinding outer diameter ----Final Inspection Group----Anti-rust, Packing----Warehousing (to be matched with the package).Need WSBC 23132CCW33 bearing,Click here for more details.

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  4. The processing process of the cage The processing process of the cage can be divided into the following two categories according to the design structure and raw materials:

  (1) Sheet material → Shearing → Blanking → Stamping → Shaping and finishing → Pickling or shot peening or stringing → Final inspection → Anti-rust, packaging → Storage (to be packaged)

    (2) The processing of solid cages: The processing of solid cages differs according to the raw materials or the damage of the wool. Among them, before turning, they can be divided into the following four types of blanks. The entire processing process is: bar, Tube material, forgings, castings-car inner diameter, outer diameter, end face, chamfering-drilling (or pulling holes, boring holes)-pickling-final inspection- Anti-rust, packaging-put into the warehouse (to be matched with the package).

Second, the assembly process of rolling bearings:

   Rolling bearing parts such as inner ring, outer ring, rolling elements and cage, etc., after passing the inspection, enter the assembly workshop for assembly, the process is as follows:

Parts demagnetization, cleaning → inner and outer rollingchannel size grouping selection → close sleeve → check clearance → riveted cage → final inspection → demagnetization, cleaning → anti-rust, packaging → into the finished product warehouse (boxing, shipping 〉.

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