Characteristics of WSBC Eccentric Bearings

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Characteristics of WSBC Eccentric Bearings

Eccentric bearing is a very important bearing in cycloid needle gear reducer,Eccentric bearing is a very useful bearing type.It mainly includes the outer ring, the inner ring, the rolling basket and the rolling body. The eccentric bearing is simple in structure and easy to use. The eccentric function can be realized without the eccentric shaft, which reduces the manufacturing cost of the eccentric mechanism.

Eccentric bearing classification

One kind is double layer double row taper roller eccentric bearing;The cylindrical roller bearings are single-layer raceway small or negative clearance cylindrical roller bearings, which are mainly installed on both sides of the printing plate cylinder and the imprint lithography cylinder of a printing machine.

The other is a double layer raceway with internal and external eccentric negative clearance cylindrical roller bearing unit, installed on both sides of the press rubber roller.Because of its special structure, hollow cylindrical roller bearing has strong vibration absorbing ability, long precision life and overload protection compared with conventional rolling bearing.Need WSBC 24032CCK30/W33 ,Click here to learn more. 

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Machining method for eccentric bearing

This kind of eccentric bearing requires that the eccentric outer circle of B and C at both ends should be consistent with the eccentric direction of A reference outer circle, and the eccentric size is different, generally within 5mm, and the eccentric error is required to be less than 0.05mm.

In order to meet the above requirements, the following processes and tooling are adopted.

First of all, all the outer circles of reference A shall be machined, and A 50mm long 25mm process collet shall be kept at both ends of the shaft. The collet shall be coaxial with reference A and the step surface shall be perpendicular to reference A.The two ends of the collet of the shaft are milling into flat 42H6, which is symmetric with the datum center of A and parallel to both ends.

Tooling production: two pieces of tank clamps. The tank 42H7 is symmetric with the center hole B5, and the end face of the tank is perpendicular to the center hole.The canister should be placed at both ends of the shaft in the same eccentric direction. The eccentric direction is controlled by the coordination between the tank of the canister and the flat 42H7/ H6 of the shaft.Eccentricity can be adjusted by adjusting the clamping screw on the card tank.Make the end face of the card tank and the step face of the shaft compacted to ensure that the center of the shaft is parallel to the center of the card tank.

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Double center clamping is used on the lathe, four claws are clamped to rotate the clamping pot, and the outer circle at both ends of A reference is measured by meter, the screws on the clamping pot are adjusted to different eccentricity, and each eccentric outer circle is turned to size.When the eccentric shaft is finished, cut off the two ends of the process chuck.

This kind of machining method is simple, reliable, avoids the tedious processing method (boring machine to punch the center hole), and can be applied to the machining of multiple eccentric shafts with consistent direction.

Eccentric bearing application

Application of eccentric bearing: reducer, petrochemical industry, textile, metallurgy, mine, steel works, etc.

Eccentric bearing mainly includes outer ring, inner ring, rolling basket, rolling body.The eccentric bearing is simple in structure and convenient in use, which greatly simplifies the eccentric mechanism and saves labor, time and assembly of the eccentric mechanism.

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