Tapered Roller Bearing Installation Failure

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Tapered Roller Bearing Installation Failure

When tapered roller bearings are in use, in the process of maintenance and repair, the disassembly and assembly of the bearings is an important link. In many cases, the tapered roller bearings will be seriously damaged in the process of installation if they are improperly installed, leading to the inability to use them. Such as bearing small flange fracture fault, this fault is commonly seen in a fault when the bearing is installed

1. tapered roller bearing installation failure analysis

The tapered roller bearing reinstallation process appeared in the small flange fracture, bearing failure can not be used, tapered roller bearing by inner ring, outer ring, cage, and 16 taper roller combination. Among them, the small end of the inner ring has continuous and intermittent fractures, which account for about 2/3 of the whole, and the fracture position morphology shows a "sawtooth shape".

The fracture position and fracture direction of the small end baffle edge are basically the same. The cracks all develop from the side of the raceway oil groove to the small end face until the fracture. The morphology of some fracture positions is the same as that of the end face of the tapered roller. The surface of the fracture position is grayish-black, and the fracture is radiated pattern, which is in line with the characteristics of brittle fracture.

2. What is the reason for the small flange fracture of tapered roller bearings?

The tapered roller bearing installation method is a cold method, using the hammer and rod installation tools, such as to knock bearing, steel rod will lower in a rack or directly use the hammer knock be caused, mainly reflected in the improper operation load-bearing cage with abnormal continuous impact force, cause the cage deformation guide roller impact of inner ring small guard at the same time, when the guard is beyond it can bear impact load when brittle fracture, resulting in bearing failure. Need WSBC 22320 E, click here to learn more.

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3. the correct installation method of tapered roller bearings

The installation diagram of tapered roller bearings is shown in Figure 5. Put the small end of the bearing into the journal first, and install the bearing to the specified position to be fixed by tapping the large end surface.

According to the bearing size and working condition, the current bearing installation mostly adopts two forms of cold installation and hot installation. Cold method installation generally adopts some auxiliary tools to install bearings; Thermal installation generally adopts a heating method to make the inner diameter of the bearing expand after installation.

Installation suggestions:

(1) It is suggested that when installing bearings, users can choose the appropriate assembly mode, such as cold or hot, according to the bearing size and working condition. When the cold installation is used, the installation sleeve should be used with the installation as far as possible, which can effectively avoid abnormal impact on other positions of the bearing and ensure that the end face and journal of the bearing are vertical when the bearing is installed. When the field can not be installed by the sleeve, the copper rod should be placed on the inner ring of the bearing, and the hammer should be knocked symmetrically and circulative in the diameter direction. It should not be too hard. At the same time, we should pay attention not to let the other positions outside the inner ring of the bearing bear the impact. Click here to learn more about WSBC 22211 E

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(2) improve the installation technology of installers, operate in accordance with the correct requirements of bearing installation, and prevent the damage of bearings caused by operating errors, especially violent operations.

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