Selection principle of force and cooperation for Cylindrical Roller Bearing

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Selection principle of force and cooperation for Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Overview of cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical rollers and raceways are linear contact bearings. Carrying capacity, mainly bearing radial load. The friction between the rolling elements and the retaining edge of the ring is small, suitable for high-speed rotation. According to whether the ring has ribs, it can be divided into single row cylindrical roller bearings, such as NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF, and double row cylindrical roller bearings, such as NNU and NN. The bearing has a separable structure with an inner ring and an outer ring.

Matching selection of cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings without ribs on the inner or outer ring. The inner and outer rings can move relative to the axial direction, so they can be used as free-end bearings. Cylindrical roller bearings with double ribs on one side of the inner and outer rings and a single rib on the other side of the ring can bear a certain degree of axial load in one direction. Generally use steel stamping cage or copper alloy car solid cage. However, there are also polyamide molded cages used in part.

1. Generally, an interference fit or a tighter transition fit should be selected for the matching between the cyclically loaded ferrule and the shaft (or housing hole). The size of the interference should not make the ferrule fit the shaft or the housing hole The principle of creeping phenomenon on the surface.

2. For the fit between the ferrule bearing the local load and the housing hole or shaft, a looser transition fit or a smaller clearance fit should be selected to allow the frictional moment between the raceways of the ferrule to drive the index and extend the cylindrical roller The service life of the bearing.

3. For the ferrule bearing the swing load, its fit tightness is between the cyclic load and the local load. WSBC 23124 CAK/W33 bearings online, pls click here :

WSBC 23124 CAK/W33.jpg

The influence of load on the size of the selected fit

The minimum interference between the cylindrical roller bearing ring and the shaft or housing hole is determined by the load

 When subjected to a heavier load or impact, the cylindrical roller bearing will cause greater deformation, reducing the actual interference between the joint surfaces and increasing the actual clearance inside the bearing. At this time, in order to make the cylindrical roller bearing operate normally, A larger interference fit should be selected. Similarly, with lighter loads, smaller interference fits can be selected.

For cylindrical roller bearings with large loads and high rotation accuracy requirements, in order to eliminate the effects of elastic deformation and vibration, clearance fits should be avoided.

For cylindrical roller bearings with light loads and higher rotation accuracy requirements, smaller clearance fits are often used.

The larger the size of the cylindrical roller bearing, the tighter the selected fit

Hollow journals are better than solid journals, thin-walled shells are better than thick-walled shells, and light alloy shells are tighter than steel or cast-iron shells.

The split shell has a looser fit than the integral shell, so as to prevent interference from clamping the outer ring of the bearing or even jamming the shaft.

In order to facilitate installation and disassembly, especially for heavy machinery, a loose fit should be used. WSBC 23124 CA/W33 bearings online, pls click here :

WSBC 23124 CA/W33 .jpg

When the inner or outer ring of the bearing is required to move in the axial direction, the inner ring and the shaft or outer ring and the housing hole should be fitted with a looser fit.

Because the interference fit reduces the radial clearance of the cylindrical roller bearing, for example, when one of the two rings of the cylindrical roller bearing needs to use an extra-large interference fit, the radial clearance should be larger than that of the basic group. Bearings.

The working temperature of cylindrical roller bearings is generally lower than 100°C. For bearings that work at high temperatures, the selected fit should be modified.

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