Reasons For The Popularity Of Plastic Bearings

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Reasons For The Popularity Of Plastic Bearings

   The plastic bearings selected today can generally be divided into plastic rolling bearings and plastic sliding bearings. In recent years, engineering plastic products have gained more and more widespread applications with their outstanding performance. Engineering plastics have broad application prospects in bearings, and plastic bearings are being favored by more and more users.

   1. Basic working principle

   The basic working principle of plastic rolling bearing and plastic sliding bearing can be distinguished according to the name. The friction generated when the plastic rolling bearing is working is rolling friction, while the friction generated when the plastic sliding bearing is working is sliding friction; the size of the rolling friction is critical It lies in the manufacturing precision; and the size of the friction force of the plastic sliding bearing lies in the material of the sliding surface of the bearing.

   2. Classification

   1) POM plastic bearing, PP plastic bearing

   POM and PA materials have excellent mechanical strength and wear resistance, and are more suitable for processing relatively precise plastic bearings. The operating temperature is from -60°C to 100°C. The surface layer is strong and smooth, and usually does not produce surface tension. Its excellent self-lubricating performance and coefficient of friction, on the basis of always maintaining the traditional advantages of plastic bearings, can be applied to precision and high-speed operation.

   Among them, the POM plastic bearing is one of the more versatile plastic bearings. Normally, the inner and outer ball materials are POM or PA, and the cage is glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (GRPA66-25). The balls are glass balls, stainless steel balls or ceramic balls. This kind of bearing performs well in alkaline environment but is not very suitable for operation in acidic corrosive environment.WSBC Bearing SL045005-PP, if you are interested in it, click here to contract us.

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    (1) High rigidity, high hardness, high impact strength even at low temperature;

    (2) Outstanding elasticity and good creep resistance;

    (3) High heat stability and very good dimensional stability;

    (4) Good sliding performance and wear resistance;

    (5) Physiologically inert, suitable for contact with food;

    (6) Not resistant to strong acids and strong oxidants, poor adhesion to paint

    Main uses: electromechanical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture and decoration building materials

   2) HDPE, PP, UPE plastic bearings

   HDPE, PP, UPE materials have been proved to be more suitable for relatively weak acid-base cross environment (30% Cucl2 solution and 30% NaoH solution test OK), so it is more suitable for most acids/alkali/salt/solvent/oil /Gas and seawater corrosive environment. It has the oil-free, self-lubricating, anti-magnetic and electrical insulation properties of plastic bearings under normal circumstances, but the mechanical strength is low and it is easy to deform. Therefore, this type of acid and alkali resistant plastic bearings are not suitable for relatively large loads and higher speeds. To overcome this Disadvantages of anti-acid and alkali plastic bearings.

   In contrast, the choice of UPE material has better strength, low friction characteristics and low temperature application characteristics (as low as -150 ℃). Normally, the inner and outer ring materials choose HDPE, PP or UPE, and the materials choose HDPE, PP or UPE, the ball is glass ball, stainless steel ball or ceramic ball. As a result, the overall performance of acid and alkali resistant bearings will be greatly improved.


   (1) Good corrosion resistance, resistant to use within a certain temperature and concentration range

  (2) The mechanical strength is high, and the shear can always maintain high toughness at the temperature of liquid nitrogen (-196℃)

   (3) Excellent self-lubrication and high wear resistance

   (4) Strong anti-adhesion ability

   (5) Very low water absorption, excellent electrical insulation

   (6) Excellent resistance to high-energy radiation

   Main purpose:

   Mechanical and electrical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture and decoration building materials

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   3) PTFE high temperature and corrosion resistant plastic bearings

   As a new engineering plastic material, PTFE and PI have been proven to be all known engineering plastics that have better mechanical strength specifications, dimensional stability and high temperature resistance. Among them, PTFE is used for a long time at a temperature of 260℃, and PI is used for a long time. The temperature is as high as 300℃, and it has excellent corrosion resistance. It can still run freely in the acid-base corrosive environment of medium strength. Therefore, the outer ring material used to produce the outer ring is usually PTFE or PI. The ball is usually The bottom is Zro2 or Si3N4 ceramic ball. Bearings that operate precisely in a relatively harsh environment have the disadvantage that the raw materials themselves are relatively expensive, so the cost of using them is higher.

   3. Current status

   At present, the development trend of foreign plastic bearings is extremely fast, and the scope of adoption is wide. However, plastic bearings are still in the development stage in my country, and they are relatively weak in terms of raw material production and product adoption. According to incomplete statistics on this aspect, in the past five years, the five major domestic engineering plastics, including polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene, polyamide, thermoplastic resin, and modified polyphenylene ether, have maintained a rapid growth of 30.3%. However, engineering plastics for plastic bearings in China are mainly dependent on foreign imports.

   4. Prospects

   In recent years, engineering plastic products have been more and more widely used due to their outstanding properties. Engineering plastics have broad application prospects in bearings, and plastic bearings are being liked by more and more users.

   Taking into account that engineering plastics have outstanding self-lubricating properties, wear resistance, low friction and special anti-seizure properties, they can work normally even under poor lubrication conditions, so they are ideal for bearing raw materials. Therefore, for plastic companies, seizing market opportunities and developing related plastic bearing products, their market development prospects are extremely great.

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