Note for roller skating enthusiasts, please pay attention to your roller skate bearings

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As a sport, roller skating has gained popularity in many countries around the world. There are many enthusiasts, especially young people. Many parents encourage their children to learn roller skating from an early age. Learning roller skating can exercise people's balance and reaction ability. Roller skating lets you find the feeling of flying. Roller skaters must pay special attention to his roller skates. The quality of roller skates is very important because poor roller skates can threaten your safety. In fact, the manufacturing technology of roller skates is getting more and more developed, and the safety and stability of roller skates are getting better and better. Some manufacturers even developed precision roller skates. Precision roller skates are very fast and are loved by roller skaters. Whether it is precision roller skates or ordinary roller skates, bearings are an important part that roller skaters must understand. The quality and wear of your roller skate bearings determines whether your roller skates are safe.


Generally, the single-row roller skates now use 608ZZ bearings, while the bearings for single-row roller skates are divided into abec 1 ~ 9 grades. The higher the grade, the more precise. The quality of the bearing can not be determined only by the abec index. The difference between the products of different manufacturers is often larger than these indices. Most of the casual single-row shoes are mostly general bearings of abec3 ~ 5. Most of the wheel shoes are ABEC-1 to ABEC-9. Generally ABEC-9 is used by professionals and few in the market. The bearings are divided into chrome steel and carbon steel. The cost of chrome steel is much higher than that of carbon steel, with a long life and even rolling. Many sellers now have random bids in this regard, so buyers must make sure.

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How to remove and clean roller skate bearings?

The first step: naturally remove the wheel from the shoe first, some only need one inner hexagon, and some require two inner hexagons to rotate in opposite directions.

Step 2: Because there are two types of shaft sleeves in the middle of the wheel, some need to be pushed out with a special tool or a wooden pencil; for other shaft sleeves, you only need to use the inner hexagon to turn along the inner side of the bearing. Just pry it out

Step 3: Remove the cover of the bearing. Generally, we usually use bearings with C-rings. These bearings are easy to remove, but the dust-proof effect is slightly worse. Find a needle to remove the C-ring to remove the bearing cover. Generally, if you are lazy, you can remove one side. Already. Another type is a closed bearing cap. This bearing can only be removed in a destructive manner. Use a sharp knife and sharp pliers to remove the bearing cap. As long as the bearing's steel balls are not damaged, this bearing can only be removed. Remove one side, because when you replace the wheel, you need to put one side on the outside.

Step 4: Put the disassembled bearings into a closable plastic bottle and pour into WD40 (derusting and lubricating cleaning agent, generally available in large supermarkets or hardware stores, also available in DECATHRON) or kerosene, tighten the bottle cap, and shake repeatedly After shaking for about one minute, place the bottle vertically for about 10 minutes.

Step 5: Remove the bearing from the container. Be careful not to shake the bottle anymore, as the sand particles in the bearing have settled on the bottom of the bottle, you can use the chopsticks to clamp the bearing to float in the upper clean cleaning solution. After taking it out, place it on a newspaper or paper towel, and allow it to dry naturally. After about 3 minutes, apply 1 or 2 drops of special lubricant or grease on the bearing steel balls (be careful not to drip too much, the effect is instead Not good) Rotate it a dozen times for each good drop. Finally, the bearing cover is installed. As long as the bearing without the C-ring is installed on the outside, sand will not enter.


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