Introduction of Spherical Roller Bearings and Split Spherical Roller Bearings

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Spherical roller bearings have two rows of rollers, which mainly bear radial loads and can also bear axial loads in either direction. With high radial load capacity, it is especially suitable for working under heavy or vibration loads, but cannot withstand pure axial loads. This type of bearing's outer ring raceway is spherical, so its self-aligning performance is good, and it can compensate for coaxiality errors.


Spherical roller bearings have two rows of symmetrical spherical rollers, the outer ring has a common spherical raceway, and the inner ring has two raceways that are inclined at an angle to the bearing axis. The bearing can still be used normally when it is bent or installed with different concentricity. The self-aligning property varies with different bearing size series. Generally, the allowed self-aligning angle is 1 ~ 2.5 degrees. The outer bearing can also withstand the axial load acting in both directions, and has better impact resistance. Generally speaking, the working speed allowed by the spherical roller bearing is relatively low.

Spherical roller bearings are divided into symmetrical spherical rollers and asymmetric spherical rollers according to the cross-sectional shape of the rollers. Asymmetric spherical roller bearings are early products, mainly for mainframe maintenance services. Newly designed mainframe bearings Symmetric spherical roller bearings are rarely selected when the internal structure has been comprehensively improved and the parameters are optimized. Compared with the spherical roller bearings produced earlier, it can withstand greater axial loads. The operating temperature of this bearing Low, so it can meet the requirements of higher speeds. According to the inner ring with or without ribs and the cage used, it can be divided into two types: C and CA. Stamped cage, CA Trian bearings are characterized by ribs on both sides of the inner ring and the use of solid car cages. In order to improve the lubrication of bearings, spherical roller bearings with annular oil grooves and three oil holes in the outer ring can be provided to the user, which is indicated by the bearing post code / W33. Spherical roller bearings with oil holes in the inner ring can also be supplied according to user requirements. In order to facilitate the loading and unloading and replacement of bearings, spherical roller bearings with tapered bores are also available. Taper bore taper is 1:12. In the future, the code is K. In order to meet the requirements of special users, bearings with a taper of 1:30 can also be provided, and the code is K30. For a bearing with a taper inside the bore, the bearing can be directly mounted on the tapered journal by using a lock nut, or the bearing can be installed on the cylindrical journal by means of an adapter sleeve or a withdrawal sleeve.

Spherical roller bearings are divided into: cylindrical inner hole and conical inner hole. The tapered inner bores have a taper of 1:12 and a spherical roller bearing (K type 153000 or 113000) with a rear designation of K and a spherical roller bearing of K30 with a rear designation of 1:30. When this type of bearing is matched with a conical shaft, the inner ring moves in the axial direction to adjust the radial clearance of the bearing.

The tapered spherical roller bearings with rear code K and K30 are installed on the matching adapter sleeves, and then become the K + H and K30 + H bearings with rear code. This type of bearing can be installed on the optical axis without a shoulder, which is suitable for occasions where the bearing needs to be installed and removed frequently. In order to improve the lubricating performance of the bearing, there is an annular oil groove on the outer ring of the bearing and three oil holes are evenly drilled. The rear code is W33.

The main dimensions of split spherical roller bearings are matched with tapered bore monolithic bearings or cylindrical bore monolithic bearings with tapered sleeves. The split rings and cages of split bearings are split horizontally. Due to the split clamping ring, the split bearing inner ring is wider than the integral bearing inner ring. The inner ring of the split spherical roller bearing adopts a tight fit with the trunnion, and the trunnion tolerance adopts h7 to m6. For split bearings, not only the outer ring raceway is phosphated and coated with molybdenum disulfide, but the rolling elements are also phosphated.


The characteristics of split spherical roller bearings are small size and compact structure. Split spherical roller bearings can be installed directly without disassembling the circular shaft and other components with the original bearings, which will save installation time and reduce costs.

Applications with limited space or difficult to disassemble bearings are very suitable split bearings. Split spherical roller bearings are suitable for all industrial fields, mainly used in converter support, large-scale conveying equipment, co-roller support, lifts and conveyors, paper machinery, continuous casting rollers, large-scale conveyor equipment, feed processing, crane Wait for bearings that are difficult to remove.

Splitting brings improvements. In many applications, the installation of spherical roller bearings on the shaft is very complicated. When replacing bearings, it is required to remove all adjacent components. This results in longer downtime and complex additional tasks such as disassembling gears, clutches and transmissions. There are also additional costs such as replacement parts, tools, labor and crane rent. When split bearings are used, most processes and costs can be eliminated. Installation and disassembly will also become faster and easier, especially for hard-to-reach bearing mounting locations. Schaeffler can provide split spherical roller bearings with a shaft diameter of 5563m. In most cases, the outer diameter, outer ring width and shaft diameter of split spherical roller bearings are matched with standard spherical roller bearings (including adapter sleeves), so the two bearings can be interchanged without problems.


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